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Oh Jung Hee is a former trader in her forties from Ryanggang province. She sold clothes to market stalls in Hyesan city and was involved in the distribution of textiles in her province.

She said that up until she left the country Women willing to fuck in South Koreaguards would regularly pass by the market to demand bribes, sometimes in the form of coerced sexual acts or intercourse. She told Human Rights Watch:. She said she had no power to resist or report these abuses.

She said it never occurred to her that anything could be done to stop these assaults except trying to avoid such situations by moving away or being quiet in order to not be noticed. North Korean officials commit sexual violence with little concern for the consequences. The government fails to investigate and prosecute complaints, or to provide protection and services to victims, and even asserts that the country is implausibly free of sexism or sexual violence.

Park Young Hee, a former farmer in her forties also from Ryanggang province who left North Korea for the second time inwas forced back to North Korea from China in the spring of after her first attempt to flee. She said, after being released by the secret police bowiseong and put under the jurisdiction of the police, the officer in charge of questioning her in the police pre-trial detention facility kuryujang near Musan city in North Hamgyong province touched her body underneath her clothes and penetrated her several times with his fingers.

She said he asked her repeatedly about the sexual relations she had with the Chinese man to whom she had been sold to while in China. Park Young Hee said she never told anybody about the abuse because she did not think it was unusual, and because she feared the authorities and did not believe anyone would help. While sexual and gender-based violence is of concern everywhere, growing evidence suggests it is endemic in North Korea. This report—based largely on interviews with 54 North Koreans who left the country afterwhen the current leader, Kim Jong Un, rose to power, and 8 former North Korean officials who fled the country—focuses on sexual abuse by men in official positions of Women willing to fuck in South Korea. The perpetrators include high-ranking party officials, prison and detention facility guards and interrogators, police Women willing to fuck in South Korea secret police officials, prosecutors, and soldiers.

At the time of the assaults, most of the victims were in the custody of Women willing to fuck in South Korea or were market traders who came across guards and other officials as they traveled to earn their livelihood. Women in custody have little choice should they attempt to refuse or complain afterward, and risk sexual violence, longer periods in detention, beatings, forced labor, or increased scrutiny while conducting market activities.

Other negative impacts include Coventry married women looking in Poland losing access to prime trading locations, being fired or overlooked for jobs, being deprived of means of transportation or business opportunities, being deemed politically disloyal, being relocated to a remote area, and facing more physical or sexual violence.

The North Koreans we spoke with told us that unwanted sexual contact and violence is so common that it has come to be accepted as part of ordinary life: The precise number of women and girls who experience sexual violence in North Korea, however, is unknown. Survivors rarely report cases, and the North Korean government rarely publishes data on any aspect of life in the country.

Our research, of necessity conducted among North Koreans who fled, does not provide a generalized sample from which to draw definitive conclusions about the prevalence of sexual abuse by officials. The diversity in age, geographic location, social class, and personal backgrounds of the survivors, combined with many consistencies in how they described their experiences, however, suggest that the patterns of sexual violence identified here are common across North Korea.

Our findings also mirror those of other inquiries that have tried to discern the situation in this sealed-off authoritarian country. These included forced abortion, rape, and other sexual violence, as well as murder, imprisonment, enslavement, and torture on North Koreans in prison or detention. The survey found that The assailants identified by the respondents were police agents— The KINU survey found The North Koreans we spoke with stressed that women are socialized to feel powerless to demand accountability for sexual abuse and violence, and to feel ashamed when they are victims of abuse.

They said the lack of rule of law and corresponding support systems for survivors leads most victims to remain silent—not seek justice and often Women willing to fuck in South Korea even talk about their Women willing to fuck in South Korea. While most Women willing to fuck in South Korea our interviewees left North Korea between andand many of the abuses date from a year or more before their departure, all available evidence suggests that the abuses and near-total impunity enjoyed by perpetrators continue to the present.

The government said that the numbers of male perpetrators convicted for the crime of forcing a woman who is his subordinate to have sexual intercourse was five insix inand three in While North Korean officials seem to think such ridiculously low numbers show the country to be a violence-free paradise, the numbers are a powerful indictment of their utter failure to address sexual violence in the country.

Expand Woman being questioned by a secret police investigator. Former detainees say that secret police investigators can easily harass female detainees during questioning. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is coincidental; these are not intended as portraits of actual people or events but of typical scenarios. Human Rights Watch interviewed eight former detainees or prisoners who said they experienced a combination of verbal and sexual violence, harsh questioning, and humiliating treatment by investigators, detention facility personnel, or prison guards that belong to the police or the secret police bowiseong.

Six interviewees had experienced sexual, verbal, and physical abuse in pre-trial detention and interrogation facilities kuryujang —jails designed to hold detainees during their initial interrogations, run by the MSS or the police.

They said secret police or Women willing to fuck in South Korea agents in charge of their personal interrogation touched their faces and their bodies, including their breasts and hips, either through their clothes or by putting their hands inside their clothes.

Human Rights Watch interviewed four women traders who experienced sexual violence, including rape, assault, and sexual harassment, as well as verbal abuse and intimidation, by market gate-keeper officials. We also interviewed 17 women who were sexually abused or experienced unwanted sexual advances by police or other officials as they traveled for their work as traders.

Since many married women were not obliged to attend a government-established workplace, they became traders and soon the main breadwinners for their families. But pursuing income in public exposed them to violence. Perpetrators of abuses against women traders include high-ranking party officials, managers at state-owned enterprises, and gate-keeper officials at the markets and on roads and check-points, such as police, bowiseong agents, prosecutors, soldiers, and railroad inspectors on trains.

Women who had worked as traders described unwanted physical contact that included indiscriminately touching their bodies, grabbing their breasts and hips, trying to touch them underneath their skirts or pants, poking their cheeks, pulling their hair, or holding their bodies in their arms. The physical harassment was often accompanied by verbal abuse and intimidation.

Women also said it was common for women to try to help protect each other by sharing information about such things, such as which house to avoid because it is rumored that the owner is a rapist or a child molester, which roads not to walk on alone at night, or which local high-ranking official most recently sexually Women willing to fuck in South Korea upon women.

Only one of the survivors of sexual violence Human Rights Watch interviewed for this report said she had tried to report the sexual assault. The other women said they did not report it because they did not trust the police and did not believe police would be willing to take action.

The women said the police do not consider sexual violence a serious crime and that it is almost inconceivable to even consider going to the police to report sexual abuse because of the possible repercussions. Family members or close friends who knew about their experience also cautioned women against going to the authorities.

Eight former government officials, including a former police officer, told Human Rights Watch that cases of sexual abuse or assault are reported to police only when there are witnesses and, even then, the reports invariably are made by third parties and not by the women themselves. Only seven of the Pussy from Thailand Korean women and men interviewed by Human Rights Watch were aware of cases in which police had investigated sexual violence and in all such cases the victims had been severely injured or killed.

Women willing to fuck in South Korea of the North Koreans who spoke to Human Rights Watch said the North Korean government does not provide any type of psycho-social support services for survivors of sexual violence and their families. To make matters worse, they said, the use of psychological or psychiatric services itself is highly stigmatized. Two former North Korean doctors and a nurse who left after said there are no protocols for medical treatment and examination of victims of sexual violence to provide therapeutic care or secure medical evidence.

They said there are no training programs for medical practitioners on sexual assault and said they never saw a rape victim go to the hospital to receive treatment. Expand Female trader giving a bribe to a market supervisor in an alley near the market. Female traders have described offering bribes in order to avoid potential harassment. Sex discrimination and subordination of women are pervasive in North Korean. The government is dominated by men.

The Criminal Code criminalizes rape of women, trafficking in persons, having sexual relations with women in a subordinate position, and child sexual abuse. Park Kwang Ho, Councilor of the Central Court in the DPRK, stated that if a woman in a subordinate position was forced to engage in sexual relations for fear of losing her job or in exchange for preferential treatment, it was her choice as to whether or not she complied.

Therefore, Women willing to fuck in South Korea argued, in such a situation the punishment for the perpetrator should be lighter. He later amended his statement to say that if she did not consent to having sexual relations, and was forced to do so, the perpetrator was committing rape and would be punished accordingly. North Korea rarely publishes data on any aspect of life in the country. When it does, it is often limited, inconsistent, or otherwise of questionable utility.

Human Rights Watch did not conduct any interviews in North Korea for this report. This report is based Women willing to fuck in South Korea interviews and research conducted by Human Rights Watch among North Koreans in South Korea and other countries in Asia, between January and Julyfocusing on sexual violence against women in North Korea by state actors and the government response in such cases.

Human Rights Watch interviewed a total of North Koreans Women willing to fuck in South Korea women, 4 girls, and 30 men outside the country. All interviews were conducted in Korean by Human Rights Watch staff. All interviewees were advised of the purpose of the research and how Women willing to fuck in South Korea information would be used.

They were advised of the voluntary nature of the interview and that they could refuse to be interviewed, refuse to answer any question, and terminate the interview at any point. All interviewees were given the choice to refuse having the interview recorded. Human Rights Watch did not remunerate any interviewees for doing interviews. For those interviewees who had to miss their workday to make time for the interview, Human Rights Watch provided minimum wage compensation Women willing to fuck in South Korea their lost time.

For those living far away from the venue of the interviews, Human Rights Watch covered transportation costs. All participants verbally agreed to participate in the interviews before setting up the meetings and again at the start, and, as needed, during the interview. In all cases, interviews were conducted in surroundings chosen to enable interviewees to feel comfortable, relatively private, and secure. These informal gatherings aimed to gather background information on sexual violence in North Korea.

These group settings aimed at creating a safe space for interviewees who were accompanied by people they trusted. These group discussions helped ensure quality control by providing helpful points of reference and factual cross-checks on the accounts of others interviewed separately. The participants were informed of the purpose of the discussion before agreeing to take part in the meeting. The meetings took place Women willing to fuck in South Korea private closed offices where the interviewees Women willing to fuck in South Korea comfortable.

The sessions were not recorded. All of the survivors interviewed for this report expressed concern about possible repercussions for themselves or their family members in North Korea and asked to remain anonymous. To protect these individuals and families, all names used in this report are pseudonyms.

Human Rights Watch also did not include in the report any personal details that could help identify victims and witnesses quoted in the report. We also conducted interviews, on top of the interviews with North Koreans, with experts familiar with issues concerning sexual and gender-based violence among North Koreans, health workers and counsellors, Women willing to fuck in South Korea, NGO workers, legal experts, and academics.

We also obtained and reviewed relevant documents available in the public domain from Women willing to fuck in South Korea agencies, local NGOs in Women willing to fuck in South Korea Korea providing support to North Koreans, North Korean government agencies, researchers, and international analysts.

These documents helped provide important insight into the context and background of sexual and Women willing to fuck in South Korea violence against women in North Korea. North Koreans leave their country for many reasons, including for economic and medical reasons. In conducting research for this report, it became clear that the version of the Korean language used in the North lacks some of the vocabulary commonly used in the South, as well as in international discussions conducted in English on sexual and gender-based violence, domestic violence, and related subjects.

Accordingly, when documenting abuses, we asked victims for direct factual explanations of what happened to them, avoiding labels, and have used their descriptions in recounting what they witnessed or experienced.

In this report, Human Rights Watch uses the following definitions, which are derived from international standards:. Coercion can cover a whole spectrum of degrees of force.

Apart from physical force, it may involve psychological intimidation, blackmail or other threats. Sexual assault includes the use of physical or other force to obtain or attempt sexual penetration and rape. North Korea is one of the most repressive countries in the world.


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