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Anyone ready to shaire the call girls details plz e-mail me see the archives file to know my e-mail address. I have few details as well. Hi fellow posters, I hope to be in Sri Lanka in early October and will probably stay at the Bentota Hotel unless anyone knows a good reason why I should not?

Can I take "guests" back there without any hassle? Is it a good area to Women who wanna fuck in Galle women or should I try elsewhere? Early answer s will be appreciated. Hi DannyI guess Prostitute in Salamanca will be staying at the Bentota Beach Hotel, But that is not the best place to find quality women.

Trying taking a girl from Colombo. The best places to try are the massage clinics in the 5 star hotels,or even ask the Bell captain in a 5 star hotel. They have the best contacts and can arrange a woman to your room. There are several other places, if you Women who wanna fuck in Galle to know send me an e-mail, and i will let you have the contacts. Has anyone tried the listed numbers below. Thanks for the information! Now having trouble booking my holiday but will contact you if things work out and I do come to Sri Lanka.

You may as well forget both. Hotel Grand Orient denies any knowledge of a massage room. The Grand Orient is not the best of places to stay in colombo. But if you had just asked the bell captain he would have given you a contact no and would have been able to ask the woman to visit your room. Theres lot of action available in Colombo at a price though.

But it is always possible to find a woman for an hour masage house Xie He on the beach in Negombo its Chinese but the girls will do everything if you pay extra, personally I don't like so much the chinese girls, but the job they did was good, they do everything you want BJ, intercouse and ash if you want.

There are masage houses but I don't remenber there name. But you must be carefull because sex is not alowed in the masage houses. There are some young and beatifull girls but a lot off them are older and not so good looking. An other possibillity is going to the centre and looking good around, there are some housewifes who need some extra money and the ywill go with You, start first a social talk, most off the time they like to spent the afternoon with you or evening, night is not always possible because there husband come home or they have children.

I had there a good time with a lot off fun. The leed you have provided sounds good. Is there any centre place the house wives gather?. What about the other areas like Kandy and down south?. ANy action guys around this area? Plz let me know the details.

I have few details that we can exchange. I hope for an early response. Heres a field report. Had this contact from a friend, called the guy and arranged to meet him at a hotel in mt. Was asked to wait in the restauarant and he called the girl. A stunner walked in 30 mins later. I was so excited i paid the Women who wanna fuck in Galle and walked into the room with her.

Paid the hotel Rs for the room. She undressed took a wash and Fuck buddys in Azul me to do the same. Izxt, You can have the phone nos of many girls. But unless they know you they will not agree to meet up. What you will need is an introduction. Depending on where you are staying, I suggest you first speak to the Bell boy or Any women near nwokc in Kabul Doorman.

They have excellent contacts. After you have met one girl then ask her for her friends tele numbers. Their is also another place in Mt lavinia, Where you can have an average girl for about 50 pounds, 15 pounds for the hotel room. If you need the details ill let u know. My previous visits have only yielded hand jobs in massage parlours.

So can some one help me out. Is there anybody who can hook me up with some Russian girls in Colombo? Please mail to nex hotmail. Hi, i was very suprised to find out, that my message from early March did not appear on the board until beginning of May, quite some delay. I was in Colombo and tried some of the casinos, but all i met were thai girls. I will go back to Sri Lanka soon and would appreciate some help.

Poease Seeking ladies in Chiayi here Thanks There's no Women who wanna fuck in Galle I held a post for two months. There's a que every day, and I either approve it or deleted it, but I'm certainly not going let it sit in the que and look at it every day for two months without doing anything. Is it possible that you emailed your post to me?

In which case it might have sat in the email folder for a couple of months because I'm too busy running this forum to stop every day and post a message for somebody else, so these emailed messages usually sit until I can get to them. I like sex for fun. And have friendship with lot of ladies here.

I like giving intimate pleasure to them. If you are swingers it does not matter or if you know places where I can meet with sweet ladies tell me.

If you individually contact me you are most welcome. Anyone out there has any info or call numbers regarding and good Women who wanna fuck in Galle models or they themselves can write me. Please contact me through this page with all your details. Strict confidentiality will assured. So please feel free to write. Email - [email deleted by admin] The purpose of the WSG Forum is to provide a public place for the exchange of information for men who are looking for sex with women.

Unfortunately, there has been a recent escalation in the number of new members whose only contribution to the Forum have been requests for information to be "backchanneled" to them via their email address.

Obviously, this does nothing to enhance the value of the Forum's collective database. Therefore, following the policies of Women who wanna fuck in Galle Forums, I have decided that Regular Members may not post email or website addresses in their reports.

Any reports from Regular Members containing email or website addresses will be edited. Subsequence reports will be Women who wanna fuck in Galle in their entirety. If you have information, then post it. If you Prostitute in Faizabad information, then post a question. Senior Members, by virtue of their significant contributions to the Forum, are exempted from this limitation and thus may post email and website addresses in their reports if they so desire.

As always, your comments are Women who wanna fuck in Galle, although if you want me to read them you should post them in the "Comment on Site Rules" area of the Administration Section of the Forum.

Dear Jackson Please be kind enough to allow me to publish my email- westxmj hotmail. Could you tell me whic casino that you picked up the girl and what time Hi Mickey Mouse, So far i went to 2 places: Both have a number of girls working. A good time to go is between 8 and 9pm. Within the last 2 years i picked up appr. So they are usually more than happy to go with me. But I have not come across any European girls so far.

Thanks for the information. Could you tell me how much it costs and what kind of service you got, and were you satisfactory. Do Women who wanna fuck in Galle any other places other than the Casinos. I may be going back for a few weeks to Colombo, where I haven't been in about four years. The last time I was there, the only action was the Thai women in the casinos. As I remember, it was expensive.

What's the going rate these days for the Thais? Hey Goodenough I was in Colombo a few months back and let me Women who wanna fuck in Galle the scene to you. Thais, Russians and a few otehr nationalities occassionally sprinkled in. A lot of so called massage places are either Chinese or Local lankan. Many of the chinese places are rip offs with very little enthusiasm from the lady and lots of no-no's.

As for the local ones, wide selection and reasonable service and enthusiasm. Price ranges from SL. Some of the chinese clubs and MP's are listed in tourist guides.


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