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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Do ladies pee in the woods? I think we know the answer. Thread starter Jeff Crawley Start date Dec 1, Jeff Crawley Veteran Member Dec 1, Not been very well recently so instead of being out and Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial I've had a lot of people dropping by no peace for the wicked. Among them have been some who fancy walking the Camino and think they'll get better information straight from me than they would from a forum like this fools although I suspect there's at least one lurker here Hi Carole Anyway, one Dating sites in ottawa canada the gems they have turned up is this - covering a delicate subject sensitively and candidly and not something that, as a man, I would have researched.

I was especially impressed by the advice on choosing sloping ground and scuffing up the surface beforehand So head off into the woods for a practice and, if it works for you, you have my friend Julie to thank! C clearly Veteran Member Donating Member. Generally "ladies" do NOT pee in the woods. However, most women do when Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial are on the camino.

Anyway, one of the gems they have turned up is this - covering a delicate subject sensitively and candidly and not Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial that, as a man, I would have researched. Tincatinker Moderator Staff member. Every time I watch it I get videos of useful gadgets that will solve all my craft tool problems. Which is great, because I hadn't realised that I had any craft tool problems. The internet is great isn't it. Not only can Rick be comforted that a potential POTUS knows how to pee in the woods but I now know the source of several remarkable gadgets which will solve my problem as soon as I have one.

The roll-on suggestion from Youtube was a nice interior of a coffee bar in Atlanta where smiley nice people were doing coconut flavoured coffee: I excused myself and left as any respectable gentleman would. As any respectable gentleman would excuse himself if he encountered a female of the species taking a pee with her tights on Rick of Rick and Peg said: I have to admit that I was a bit surprised when I went to view a YouTube video about how women pee Free camsex chat online the woods to be talked to by my senior senator in Congress and suspected future presidental candidate, Elizabeth Warren.

I was relieved to find out that it was an ad. After Jeff mentioned the sloping ground advice I was curious if windage was mentioned. When you gotta go Terri Women seeking men in Kangerlussuaq Active Member Dec 1, Some times you've just gotta squat behind a tree or a bank! Kiwi-family Veteran Member Dec 1, Not on the Camino, not at home, not when travelling a good part of the globe for 15 months with the family.

Which might be why on an eleven hour bus trip in Laos which only had one toilet stop I was nominated to empty a water bottle so that a desperate 6 year old son could pee into it!

Sadly it's a result of my age and upbringing. At a gig last night, Show of Hands at St George's for UK natives Prostitute in Ashdod may know of whom and whereof I speak, the sign by the toilets said "these toilets are non-gender-specific - Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial only use the cubicles". The lovely volunteer stewards were marshalling the interval queue and explaining that the "Ladies" we're "out-of-order" and it would be "nicer" if Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial would avoid using the urinals while others were queuing for the cubicles.

I loved the Victorian euphemisms deployed. I suspect the local shrubbery took some punishment last night 'cos it was a long queue and a short interval. You must have missed the memo circulated to us young females in the 60s and 70s. The first time I saw the milky way was because I went outside in the night 'to make a river', as they say in spain. And I totally disagree with gadgets like sheewees, unless in literally arctic conditions. Women squat down, that's what we do. It's called getting close to nature.

Sho New Member Dec 1, This is the best strategy I've used: Kanga Moderator Staff member. All very well, but when ze knees are aged and injured, then squatting right down becomes very difficult. Plus who can ever find privacy on the meseta? No woods in which to hide! I am a fan of this device - it's Swiss engineered and it just works. No need to remove clothing especially if you wear a skirtno need to remove pack, no need to do anything except turn aside from the path.

And no need for paper to litter the path. And let me tell you, I've tried four different types of these devices and this is the best. Sorry to say Shobut the GoGirl is useless. It was the first of these I bought and tried. Because it is soft you basically have to pull down everything and squat, so what is the point of that?

Do men pee in the woods? Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial urinate in the woods. Never cared to try one but your post convinced me it's worth a try. I'm also one who, like loumura, is off to the woods after one cup of joe. Heading for the Via de la Plata in March and not much in the way of woods.

Ellen the Pesto Member Dec 2, I much prefer the woods to indoors, weather and neighborhood permitting. The Wholly manikin dating amateur in Inhumas is Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial quite lovely. Red Rose redrose Donating Member.

As a female land surveyor in a rural area it was easier to pee in the woods instead of hiking back to the truck and driving 10 miles to the nearest facility, then driving back and hiking back to the work site while my husband waited for me to return.

I have had several bear crossings within 25 feet and my husband asked me if I need to go home and change my pants, but that is another story.

Kiwi-family Veteran Member Dec 2, No need to be left out! A year ago you had never spent a night alone and never walked the camino alone? There are many new adventures in store. Haha but you have GOT to be kidding C clearly! Sho New Member Dec 2, Sho I don't know how you managed that. Having invested in it I tried it numerous times. It is soft and does not push through clothing, and you have to use your fingers to hold it hard up against yourself, trying to create a seal with the silicone, and if your fingers are not in the right place it leaks.

Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial well as being so short the chances are strong of peeing into clothing, unless you are squatting.

Btw I have also tried the SheeWhee better than the GoGirl, but not as good as the Pibellaand a large oil funnel - well it was Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial and I thought I'd give it a go. I originally came across the Pibella after trying the GoGirl and the SheeWhee - from searching the internet and finding this website comparison.

Dear fellow women members - I suffered so you do not have to! Fellow moderators - if you feel this post is too graphic - I won't be offended if you take it down. Jeff Crawley Veteran Member Dec 2, The Little Flower said: Paladina Active Member Dec 2, Women cyclists who wear bib shorts far more comfortable than waist shorts favour those with high-stretch shoulder straps or a discreet zip at the back. They save time, accidents and embarrassment when taking a so-called nature break. Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial ladies, that if you suddenly feel that you are lost or alone on the Way, simply pull down your pants to pee in a well hidden spot off trail and immediately dozens of pilgrims will be walking by gawking HAD to look them up.

The mind boggles - I thought garments like that were dreamed up by people like Borat. I've not only seen men pee in the woods, but on the side of the path in full view and Woman seeking a gentleman in Gogrial buildings A little discreet peeing isn't always so discreet. I showed your comments to my friend a Spanish speaking sociologist BTW - ooh! The link was at the word "this". Now, folks, I am ready to comment on the content of that video: I taught my daughters to do that by the time they were 3 years old.

My knees certainly do not allow me to do those squats anymore, but I still manage to avoid disaster.


included field mobilises and organisers, women, chiefs, liaisons from the .. TD: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next speaker is Dr. Haruun Ruun of the Gogrial County, 30 declare that anyone who is seeking to support peaceful coexistence. But most concede that finding a place to micturate discreetly is an For women, there's the GoGirl, a FUD -- female urinary device -- that lets the user go A third reader, who will not soon be mistaken for Gentleman Gene. The lengthy, pun-filled review of the GoGirl Female Urination Device was slogan: 'Life's greatest adventure shouldn't be finding a bathroom'.