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Started by orgasm25 Feb Posted 25 Feb The Milch Bar has that reputation that you're looking for Its always packed then though. Been there once, got attacked by some aggressive guy wanting booty and I refused. Back then I didn't know about its reputation. Find a sex shop. I am sure you could some kind of doll That can do what you, say nothing, and you don't have to get her a drink Or just work on you game If you're on the cheap, head down to Orleansplatz with a couple of bottles of Edelbrau from the local supermarket.

A roll-up ciggy kit would help as well. You'll often find a few fellow drinkers - you can strike up a conversation asking for a bottle opener, or a light. You could always head for the Kultfabrik - plenty of nightclubs, plenty of action, so I hear. Firstly, I hope that gents Wanna fuck tonight in Munich there aren't actually any places you Wanna fuck tonight in Munich go and just saunter in and all the girls are wearing labels saying 'please put it in me, no charge', like a big toy box for boys.

That aside, I'll concede there are some places where the lasses may be somewhat easier than others. Prostitute in Ajmer you Wanna fuck tonight in Munich the locations to go, my 'stupid girl' advice to obtain one of these creatures would be assuming we're taking personality out of the picture, as we're talking a shag here and not meeting someone interesting - A bit of effort.

A bit of time. Failing that, some cash. Be charming, be honest and show zero signs of desperation giving off "I really need a shag" attitudes will leave them asking "I wonder why no other woman will shag him? Don't be overgenerous, but generous in moderation. If you do strike up a conversation, let the girl talk about what she wants to talk about, show interest and ask intelligent questions. Don't bragg about your job, car, Etc. Most of all, when you have made "contact", be very patient.

For a few bucks, here you will find your fucks: Otherwise, if you go to a club, then simply go up to all the hot girls and say "I would like to take you home and fuck your Wanna fuck tonight in Munich out". You would be surprised at how affective that is. The girls on here may not admit it, but many seemed to get turned on by that. When you get a "yes", don't Prostitute in Amasya out and wait, take her home right then and do what you promised.

If you perform admirably, you will get a rep in Wanna fuck tonight in Munich club and more and more will say yes. Do not sink to low standards or your rep will be forever lost. Or as my might from back in NZ used to say "it's a game of numbers" you go up and ask enough girls, one of them is bound to say yes.

You'll just have to turn off your "Standards Meter" first. Posted 26 Feb I recommend randomly stopping women on the street Wanna fuck tonight in Munich eurovol's line. In the worst possible scenario, you'll get the cops called on you, land yourself in a jail cell, and voila!

What is it with us Scots? Come on people lets have some good advice. Think of it as helping of poor soul. Have YOU done ur good day of the day yet? Once u scrub up, get a haircut, do ur nails, start smelling nice then just go and stand in the right sort of club and bingo - all the sex u want.

If drunken year olds are your thing, then Luder Lobby mostly at Park Cafe, but it changes venue will be your bag. Posted 27 Feb I haven't read this whole thread but willing to throw my 2cents in the mix. Why you ask, because the alternative is likely you wanking it til you've gone hairy, blind and developed carpal tunnel. Wanna fuck tonight in Munich all these disabilites you could end up on the dole, either from the government or the church, sucking my tax and church dollars up for no good reason as I sees it.

So here's me thoughts By spiff I do mean bathe and groom as well as try not to look cheap, lazy, desperate, horny. From your post that sounds like Prostitute in Huzhou be tough but a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do. Check out the bars mentioned, milch bar, kultfabrik, and the tourist bars like the Hoffbrahaus. Anywhere you'll run into drunken ladies looking to sow some wild oats would be good.

Keep yer eye out for the touring groups or bridesmaids at the hen party with the "OMG even Camilla got her man and I'm never going to meet someone and I'll be wearing these dumb tafetta dresses until I die look" sort of thing. Dilemma is how to hang out in such places on little money and little and likely not very charming effort. Anyhoo, don't forget to eat and have Wanna fuck tonight in Munich few drinkies before you leave the house Like someone noted, they can usually smell the stink of desperation on the prowl from leagues away.

Thats leagues my horny, cheap, lazy friend. You could always buy one of those "schlaf mit mir" t-shirts on ebay and print up business cards with your self proclaimed "no regrets" boffing abilities Could cost you some cash though as printing aint cheap. Post it note and black ink my do you in a jam.

Last but not least, I wholly can appreciate your honesty, but from the looks of it there's lots of other seemingly nice blokes on TT that havent been sexed up in a while. Im jet lagged and ornery, so don't take this the wrong way but seeings as many of those other blokes bother to be entertaining, informative and conversational, I sincerely hope every last one of em gets their blokey bits used and abused in a good way before you score a tit.

Hope you get yours too. Probably have already, in which case I hope nothing falls off or itches in the morning. I haven't read the whole thread either but if everything else fails, head to the east and if even that fails go to Thailand ticket is not cheap but the hookers are.

If you don't get laid even in Thailand then take it up with the man upstairs after you die cuz in Panangland even a three-legged dog with one nut will get laid. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for Wanna fuck tonight in Munich new account in our community.

Where to get laid easily in Munich Started by orgasm25 Feb Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Milchbar is not like that! Babylon is the place that has a rep for an easy lay!

Why is he getting such a hard time about the thread? OK, so we'll pretend to take this seriously and I'll give the 'humble' chap some advice. Worm, I dont know where you got the idea Wanna fuck tonight in Munich the Milchbar is the place to go for an easy lay. The Milchbar is probably the most successful club in Munich, Wanna fuck tonight in Munich do you think that is?

Maybe you Wanna fuck tonight in Munich just look for some drunken Blonds There easy to sleep with after few drinks. On a hopefully more helpful note than some of the above Have a nice night and good luck with that. Try not to procreate. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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