Vizio stuck in updating directory cache

in updating directory cache stuck Vizio


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I have auto recovery set for every 5 minutes. I have been working on a file that has been saved several times a day. Today when just moving a shape Viso crashed after I had been working on the file for over 2 hours. Auto recovery popped up every 5 minutes indicating it was saving the file. After the crash the ony file I could find was the file as it was when I first opened it this AM. None of the work done today was saved. I have not done a reboot because I am afraid that if the file exits it will be gone for sure if I reboot.

Any suggestions are welcome. There must be a temp file or something that I can look for but not sure what the extension would be or the location. Normally that's one of the hidden ones that has to be turned on explicitly under Folder options to be visible. In any case it shows up on mine. Yes, I had my folder view options set to show everything. I did finally find the solution.

On my system there is no autorecover Each of these files was one of the "saves" done by the auto save function. Since they have the proper Visio extension they open properly and are complete and fully functional unlike some sort of backup file that you can't really do anything with. So I was able to restore to wihin 2 or 3 changes - saved 3 weeks of work! The question now is why didn't Visio offer up the files for recovery?

I also notice that my "Recent" list in Visio is not showing the recently opened files. The list shows 9 documents but is not adding the latest document and removing the one at the bottom of the list. It seems to be stuck and is not refreshing - I wonder if it is all part of the same problem. In any event I consider the application to be unreliable with very poor help files and support.

Look at this file with Notepad or similar, it will contain the names of the current files handled by autorecover. If only things Vizio stuck in updating directory cache as they should I have searched every drive attached to my computer and have not found autorecover I have "view system files" enabled. I have had auto recover documents show up recently even in Visio but for what ever reason - even with the auto save message flashing every 5 minutes, there are no files to recover.

This should not happen, I was not running multiple apps or even a browser, I have 8 GB ram and a 3. I have noticed a lot of little things with Visio that seem to be buggy but there is no excuse for this sort of thing - the damn Vizio stuck in updating directory cache should have some version of the file for me to recover but there is no way The art of war for dating me to even tell the application to look for a recovery version.

Usually Vizio stuck in updating directory cache Visio crashes, as it does rather frequently, the recovered file opens automatically when I launch the application after a restart. This time I lost a days work - and I had manually saved at least 3 times before the crash. You might be better off finding out what causes the crashes, Visio should be very stable. What are you doing when the crash occurs?

It also appears that you have the default save format set to XML, might be worth changing to Visio format to see if that makes a difference. The auto-save XML files Nude women in Algeria very well be stored somewhere different. Typically it crashes doing the most simple tasks such as moving Vizio stuck in updating directory cache shape. There does not seem to be any pattern to the crashes.

Just to be clear, I do not Vizio stuck in updating directory cache crashes on a regular basis - they are random and do not happen all the time. I normally have no other apps open except a browser and maybe Outlook and Word.

As for the default save format - how can you tell that my files are saved as. The files that I found when I was looking for the recovery files were all in the standard Visio extension. Can you shed more light on why you believe my files are saved in. I can find no evidence of this on my machine but maybe you Vizio stuck in updating directory cache show me a little more about this. How do I know?

You state the the auto-save file extension is. Check that the video drivers you have are the latest, try a different screen resolution to see if that changes anything and turn off or change any screen accelerators. I followed the instructions here: This yielded all my autosave files Visio I'd spent weeks saving a Visio file to a USB drive when it corrupted, code when trying to open the file.

In the lost file folder was a file that ended strangely with a. So I changed the extension to. It actually was the file I wanted. When you have autosave activated, Visio will save the files in this dir: And the files will have a name like this one: Search for date and you will find them. Your information saved me redoing a few hours of work.

I also wondered why Visio did not offer to restore the file as Word always does when it crashes. I have had it installed on several different computers under windows XP, 7, 8, 8. These have all been clean installs not Vizio stuck in updating directory cache. It has always been flaky.

I know, that's a lazy man's way, but I've never had any problems with any other programs. If I save first and then close the program, it almost never crashes.

Visio is fantastic, but it's last name is Vizio stuck in updating directory cache. I have the same problem with Autodesk Inventor and found the reason: When Vizio stuck in updating directory cache work in dropbox, many files are synchronised, and collisions happen.

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Did auto recovery completely fail? Where can I look for the auto recovery file? Hopefully someone here can help. Monday, July 25, 5: If this answer helps, please click the Vote as Helpful button. Marked as answer by gwilson Tuesday, July 26, 6: Tuesday, July 26, 6: Have a look in C: To see the files in Explorer etc you'll need to make system files visible. Proposed as answer by Jason Gould Wednesday, May 20, 6: Monday, July 25, 9: Thanks Paul, If only things worked as they should Tuesday, July 26, Tuesday, Vizio stuck in updating directory cache 26, 2: Thursday, July 28, Hi, Typically it crashes doing the most simple tasks such as moving a shape.

Thursday, July 28, 4: My mistake - the file format is. That info may give someone a chance to tell you what is causing the crash. Sunday, December 15, 3: Hi, I'm having the same issue as the original poster.

I found the AppData directory, but there was nothing in the folder. Does this mean that my file wasn't recovered? I've possibly lost three days' worth of work. Monday, January 13, 9: My temp files get placed in one of the two following directories C:


Hi! visio enterprise architects hangs on "please wait while Visio updates directory cache 13%" I have combed newsgroups and have tried. Let's fix “the Microsoft office document cache encountered a problem”.. In this directory you will see a folder with folder name officeFileCache. With updates in Outlook by Microsoft sometime it becomes difficult to Add Outlook Account via desktop application due to Deleted the Outlook folder (including all OST files) and let things get re-created. All windows/office updates completed. Now Outlook is stuck on Loading Profile. Microsoft Visio Basic Introduction.