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Teofila Silberring Cracow, Poland Interviewer: Magdalena Bizon Date of interview: Silberring in her little apartment on Karmelicka Street in Cracow. It's downtown, and the trams rattle along outside the window and ambulance and police car sirens wail - there's a hospital and a police station nearby. This short, dark-haired lady has for the last few months been dependent on crutches.

Now she goes out only once a day, and is frustrated with her leg, which despite a hip replacement is refusing to co- operate. Since her problems with her leg began she has found it hard to climb the stairs to the fourth floor and has had to curtail her activities - and she is a very energetic lady with a huge appetite for life. It's hard to believe that she's almost Silberring is a great raconteur, has a wonderful sense of humor and spins a terrific Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Czestochowa. Listening to her stories I discovered my own city anew.

We were all from Cracow, all of us: We had family houses, passed down from father to son. I know that Father's parents lived at 8 Dlugosza Street in Podgorze [a district of Cracow on the right bank of the Vistula, until a separate town], and Mother's parents at 32 Kalwaryjska Street, also in Podgorze.

All my family was assimilated; everyone spoke Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Czestochowa. I don't think anyone in the family spoke Yiddish, anyway, certainly not to the children and not in front of them.

We were spoken to in beautiful Polish. I don't even know Best pussy in Karaman Father knew Yiddish. Nobody in the family wore traditional Jewish dress. We dressed like everyone else Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Czestochowa the street, and all the children went to Polish schools. But we kept up the traditions and celebrated the holidays.

It was her house: Later, when Grandmother died, she left the house to Father. She was called the same as me - Tauba Nussbaum. I am Teofila after Grandmother, Tauba in Yiddish. When I was born, inGrandfather Hirsh had already died. And Grandmother died when I was six. I don't know what her maiden name was. I don't know what was wrong with her, but in any case she was already bedridden. She spoke pure Polish, beautifully. She was interested in what went on at school, and corrected my homework.

My father, Juda Nussbaum, had a sister and a brother. The brother was called Chaim; he lived at 8 Paulinska Street. He had a daughter - Helenka was her name. My uncle had a grocery store. My aunt lived on Dietla Street. I don't remember what her first name was or what her married surname was. She had children, but somehow we didn't keep in touch with her.

My aunt Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Czestochowa more traditional than my father, but my uncle opened his shop on Saturdays.

During the war [WWII] they all died. My Mom's maiden name was Barber. Her parents had a grocery store. And I know that Mom helped there when she was single. I don't remember my grandfather, because when I was born he was already dead. Grandma - I don't even know what her name was - ran the shop herself. Grandma was a great housewife.

We would always get juices made by her. The house was very nicely kept up, because Grandma had taken Mom's youngest sister in to help her. She had a maid, too, who cooked. It was a single-family house, and at the bottom was the shop. In the back there was a garden. On the second floor were the living quarters, with a large, wooden balcony: There were pictures hanging everywhere. There was this black dining room suite, where there were chocolates in the drawers.

I would always take them; I remember that I used to open the drawers. I was the kind of child that didn't eat well, to spite Mom, and I took them when nobody was looking. The shop was quite big.

There was flour there, in these big sacks, and there was candy and Enrillo chicory Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Czestochowa. The candy stood in glass jars with lids. I could take it. Hard candy, I think, because that was what I liked, colored.

And as well as that, I also remember what we called 'lodes,' these bars, like chocolate, but smaller. Different colors, there were: It was unearthly awful stuff; I don't know what it was made from. The cheapest rubbish, for poor children. But I liked it a lot, and when I went to Grandma's those 'lodes' were all I wanted. Until the war Grandma ran that shop in her house.

Whether she died of old age or whether she was taken into the ghetto, I don't remember. Mom had three sisters and a brother. The older ones were called Helena and Sala, the youngest was Hania, and her brother was called Szlomo.

Aunt Helena's husband was called Srul Weintraub. They were very well off. He was a co-proprietor of the Cracow Husking Plants and Mills on Mogilska Street [a husking plant was a factory that processed seeds, mostly rice and peas].

My uncle died in During the war, when my Mom died, Aunt Helena took us in, because she was the closest to my Mom. They lived on Jasna Street. My aunt died during the war, of a tumor. She lies buried in Miechow, except there isn't a headstone. We don't know where exactly her grave is. She died in I think They had three children. One of her daughters lives in Wroclaw: She is 93 and doing very well. What a mind she has, and how beautifully she writes!

They were in the Soviet Union, and only she survived; the other two died there of typhus. Aunt Sala lived in Podgorze.

I know that she had five children. I didn't even know all of them, because with that aunt Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Czestochowa weren't in such close contact. They had it very hard. My parents helped her Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Czestochowa, because my uncle wasn't very capable; he didn't work.

I think they kept to tradition more than us, because my uncle was very religious. The youngest was Hania; she lived with Grandma and helped her out. Uncle Szlomo was older; when the war broke out he could have been something. He had Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Czestochowa grocery store on Agnieszki Street. And somehow, I don't know, Mom didn't keep in touch with him.

He hadn't wanted to go to school; he would kick a ball around. That wasn't to the family's taste, as they say. He kept up tradition. Apparently there's a cousin living in Israel, the daughter of one of my mother's sisters. But I'm not in touch with her.


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