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Hi, While updating pages on Sitefinity 4, we keep getting the following error. We notice that it's somehow related to the page being locked out by another user.

The weird thing is that the error stays for a while 15min to 2 days even after unlocking it. Also get the same issue, if the user exit the page without saving or publishing the changes ie. The message box pop up to confirm if they want to unsave changes and move from the page. Once click, the error appears. Updating Pages Error - Row not found: Know More By Logging In.

Posted by Community Admin on 4 Aug 2: You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available. Posted by Community Admin on 4 Jul 0: Hello May, Can you tell me if your project is an upgraded one or brand new? Please share more information about your setup and projects so I can try and reproduce the issue locally. In the meantime can you please, check if the following query will return any results: Do you want to have your say in the Sitefinity development roadmap?

Do you want to know when a feature you requested Bbw wives in Katowice added or when a bug fixed? Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items.

Posted by Community Admin on 5 Jul 0: Thanks for your reply. The project sitefinity version is 4. As mentioned before, Row can not be located for updating only happens on some occasions. Hi May, Is it possible for you to attach your project to a FTP codebase and database so I can install it locally and investigate the issue in depth. All the best, Victor Velev the Telerik team. Posted by Community Admin on 6 Jul 0: Also experiencing the same error. Curiously, it is only affecting pages that are locked; and even though I'm the only user on the system AdministratorI can't unlock my own pages.

Posted by Community Admin on 8 Jul 0: We're getting this error now too. We're getting this error while trying to recreate half our website because pages crash after upgrading to SP1. Upgrading to SP2 didn't fix that problem so we're just recreating the pages. This is yet another fing bug that has made getting a 4.

I guess I'll just keep a RDP window open to the webserver and recycle the app pool every time our content editor messages me that he's getting the error. I also get this for a while Posted by Community Admin on 22 Jul 0: Updated to SF 4. Click a page's checkbox. Click "Create a child of the selected page". Type in a name, then click "Create and go add content". Add a content block, fill it with content. In many cases, it will work properly and the page will be available. In other cases, however, a message box is displayed: No row for Telerik.

Terminating the Row can not be located for updating and attempting the reload the Pages area causes the same message to repeat. Recycling the app pool remains the only means of regaining access to the Pages menu.

If the above error does not occur, another failure mode is the page is created, but locked. Attempting to unlock it gives the Row can not be located for updating error: Posted by Community Admin on 26 Jul 0: Hi Stephen, Can you share more details about your project - is your server load balanced environment or single server scenario? Do you use custom Row can not be located for updating for the parent page? Any additional information would be helpful. Kind regards, Victor Velev the Telerik team.

Posted by Community Admin on 28 Oral sex in Linz 0: We're getting this too, here's what led to it I was trying to replace our "About" Page with a new version based on the copied layout. Duplicate a Page that had the layout I wanted, named it "About 2". Drag 2 child Pages into it from our existing "About" Page. Delete Row can not be located for updating existing "About" Page. This required me to navigate away from the Pages screen as SF thought this page still had Row can not be located for updating. Back on the Pages screen, rename "About 2" to be "About".

Woman for oral sex in Cheongju to edit the page and get this error.

I forgot to say, this now affects all pages on our live site -- nothing can be edited. Hello Ian, I have answered you in the support ticket. I hope you don't mind to keep the communication in one place. Posted by Community Admin on 4 Aug 0: Is there a fix for this yet. I have a Content Manager working on a site and every pages he creates, he has to message me to go in and recycle the App Pool. Posted by Community Admin on 5 Aug 0: I encountered a similar issue and the resolution information can be found in my thread posting: For example, if my database schema is by default dbo.


Updates. can. create. new. rows. The INSERT statements aren't the only see how UPDATE can take us by surprise, let's update the gina row to add a location: . Learn how to INSERT an If Row Does Not Exist (UPSERT) in MySQL. MySQL No existing data row is found with matching values and thus a standard INSERT statement is performed. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement and clause. ROW NOT FOUND FOR FETCH, UPDATE OR DELETE, OR THE RESULT OF A QUERY IS AN EMPTY TABLE.