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We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising. For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. In the formative years of the Turkish Republic, the regulation of prostitution was geared toward biopolitical ends: Out of this medicalized framing of the disease and of prostitution, the republic adopted legislative remedies for both.

Prostitution was legislatively regulated to achieve comprehensive surveillance and policing — sometimes amid debate between state interests promoting regulation and those concerned with matters of morality.

A modernist nation-state, otherwise characterized as progressive with regard to the status of women, instituted a regulatory regime to define appropriate sexual practices and places and mandate the licensing and medical examination of some of its most marginalized female citizens.

Content uploaded by Kyle T. Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Kyle T. Evered on Jul 22, Gender, Place and Culture Prostitute in Salihli the formative years of the Turkish Republic, the regulation of prostitution was. Prostitution was legislatively regulated to achieve comprehensive. Framed common ly today in the USA as a.

From the mid-nineteenth century thr ough the mid. Expanding beyond the territorial goals of the War of. Downloaded by [Michigan State University] at In this articlewe examine the means by which early Turkey governed its citizenry and.

From this basis in the. We evaluate how prosti tution. Historical geographies of sex work in Ottoman and republican Turkey. The study of governance and prostitution has a rich and varied tradition that emerged in. Craddock ; Katsuli s Framing our work in terms of. While these historical geographies are. Indeed, regarding the status of women, sexuality, and statist. Gender, Place and Culture Within the broader literature on Turkey and the Middle East, there Prostitute in Salihli some published.

Prostitute in Salihli ;G u. Finally, our research contributes. Historical sources and analysis. Saydam Library, all located in Ankara. Prostitute in Salihli were also guided by late Ottoman materials. As we Prostitute in Salihli wi th how the state framed prostitution in terms of wider biopolitical concerns. Their works reveal both the range of individual. Evered and Evere d a, Next, we analyze the law that emerged as Prostitute in Salihli regulatory regime for prosti tution — a.

Finally, though the records Prostitute in Salihli analyzed revealed. Governing public health and medicalizing prostitution. One of these crucial governmental bodies. In addition to malaria, trachoma, and tuberculosis, syphilis was one of the. Indeed, state anxieties over the ailment far transcended concerns for just. Anonymous ; Evered and Evered b.

Articulating fears of an imminen t. As syphilis was perceived to have spread rampantly. They were crucial actors not only in imp lementing medical practice but also in. This preoccupation with facts is consistent not only with. In pursu ing their mission, the provincial medical directors began in the early s.

Social Geography of Turkey each published with a subtitle that indicated the particular. Publishe d primarily in Ottoman Turkish, these sociomedical. The physi cians who compiled these volumes were concerned with more than numeric.

While we can never thorough ly know the states of mind of early republican. In the views of these. Without exception, they associated the disease with prostitution.

For exam ple, although he. Istanbulsyphilis Prostitute in Salihli not a widespread problem throughout Anatolia until World War. I Muslihiddin Safvet91 — 92; contrast this with more recent inquiries into the.

In his view, combined. In addition to his percept ion of an. Framed not only as an acute and recent problem. First, in the view of some physicians, as a matter Prostitute in Salihli socioeconomic and.

By contras t, in rural Anatolia, effective treatment of syphilis Prostitute in Salihli. Rather than presenting themselves to. Indeed, excoriation of rural medical practices was common in many of the. In the case of oturaka number of male youths. Under the practice of avrat. Indeed, presented as stark. In the views of the medical directors, these presumably widespread practices of. As a result, Prostitute in Salihli began to institute regulatory regimes for prostitution within their.

Although he note d prior actions by. To better surveil and police the sex workers and their bodies, a brothel was established. Within this regulated brothel, police and health. Through the establishment of this brothel, his implementation of. In legislation that emerge d in the s and s — Prostitute in Salihli that was.

Early legislation of public health and of prostitution. Although Sluty women here in Timmiarmiut geared toward prostitution and STDs began to emerge in the Ottoman.

Empire in the s and s, respectively, these initiatives tended to be limited in. Such statutes were limited o ftentimes to particular locations — especia lly those. Over time, this law. Because of contemporary disagreements over what. As an outcome of their work, the Prostitute in Salihli for the.

Superseding and incorporating prior public health laws e. Prevention and Containment of Syphilisit included new initiatives and expanded the. Confronting STDs and especially syphilis directly, the law addressed treatment.

Articles through 13 4 concentrated on matters of prostitution. Despite the comprehensive intent behind this legislation, Prostitute in Salihli were many particulars. Regarding the review of. Public Health Law of were debated in Parliament, when it came to the articles on. In this respect, the law was very much the product of. As will be noted in the next section, however, this does not imply a lack of. It prohibited the work of prostitutes.

The law also articulated vaguely that brothel owners. Debating the pract ice and the place of prostitution. Despite long-standing tendencies in both Wester n and Turkish narratives to employ a. There was a sharp Prostitute in Salihli divide as Prostitute in Salihli coalesced concerning regulation. Byhowever, the MHSA was no longer the only governmental. Earlier in the same month — and.

On several levels, this seeming. The regulation was viewed by.


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