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This is the time of the originary Prostitute in Coalcoman, the time for us to replant and rebuild ourselves. It is Prostitute in Coalcoman to Prostitute in Coalcoman on the offensive and this is the agreement that we have laid out for how to do Find a fuck in Shumen, from our perspective as individuals, as communities, as originary peoples, and as the National Indigenous Congress [CNI]. It is time for dignity to govern this country and this world and for democracy, liberty, and justice to flourish in its step.

We are announcing here that during the Prostitute in Coalcoman phase of the Fifth National Indigenous Congress we meticulously analyzed the results of the consultation process that we held among our peoples during the months of October, November, and December of In that process, Prostitute in Coalcoman issued agreements from communalejidalcollective, municipal, inter-municipal Prostitute in Coalcoman regional assemblies in all of the ways, forms, and languages that represent our peoples in the geography of this country, once again bringing us to understand and confront, with dignity and rebellion, the situation that we face in our country and the world.

We also acknowledge the critical voices, many of them making fundamentally racist arguments, that expressed indignant and contemptuous rage at the idea that an indigenous woman would aspire not only to contend for presidential election, but would propose to truly change, from below, this broken country. To all of them, we say that the earth indeed has trembled, and we along with her, and that we intend to shake the conscience of the entire nation, and that, in fact, we intend for indignation, resistance and rebellion to be present as an option on the electoral ballots of But we also say that it is not at all our intention to compete with the political parties Prostitute in Coalcoman with the political class who still owe this country so much.

They owe us for every death, disappearance, and imprisonment, Ladies wanting sex in Nijmegen every dispossession, repression, and discrimination. Do not mistake our intentions.

We do not plan to compete against them, because we are not the same as they are. Unlike them, we are not filled with lies and perverse words. We are instead the collective word of below and to the left, that which shakes the world and makes it tremble Slut in Sayhut epicenters Prostitute in Coalcoman autonomy, and which makes us so proudly different from them that:.

Our resistances and rebellions constitute the power of below. This council proposes to govern this country. It will have an indigenous woman from the CNI as its spokesperson, which is to say a woman who has indigenous blood and who knows her culture, and this indigenous woman spokesperson from the CNI will be an independent candidate for the Prostitute in Coalcoman of Mexico in the elections.

In these principles there is room for all of the originary peoples of this country. Those principles that house the Indigenous Governing Council are:. This is what we have invented and reinvented, not Prostitute in Coalcoman because we want to, but because it is the only way that we have to continue existing — by following new paths forged from the collective memory of our own forms of organization and that are the product of resistance and rebellion, in order to confront, every day, the war that has not ended and yet has not been able to do away with us.

Using these forms it has not only been possible for us to build a path toward the full reconstitution of our peoples, but also toward new civilizational forms. In other words, it has been possible to build collective hope that is transformed into communities, municipalities, regions, states, and which is able to respond precisely to the real problems that the country is facing, far away from the political class and their corruption.

From this Fifth National Indigenous Congress, we call on the originary peoples of this country, the collectives of Prostitute in Coalcoman Sixth, the workers, the coalitions and committees who struggle in the countryside and the city, the students, intellectuals, the artists, and scientists, the elements of civil society that are not organized, as well as all good-hearted people to close ranks and go on the offensive.

We call on you to dismantle the power of above and to reconstitute ourselves now from below and to the left, not only as peoples but as a country.

We Prostitute in Coalcoman a call to come together in a single organization where dignity will be our final word and our first action.

We call on all of you to organize with us to stop this war, and to not be afraid to build ourselves and Prostitute in Coalcoman our seeds on the ruins left by capitalism. This is what humanity and our mother earth demand of us. It is the time for rebellious dignity. We will make this a material reality by convoking a constituent assembly of the Indigenous Governing Council Girls no nude singles in Cienaga Mexico in the month of May We do this so that we can recuperate the territories that have been invaded or destroyed, so that the disappeared of this country can be returned, so that all political prisoners are freed, so that there can be truth and justice for all of those who have been murdered, so that there can be dignity for the countryside and the city.

That is, have no doubt, we are going for everything, because we know this might be the last opportunity we have as originary peoples and as Mexican society to peacefully and radically change our forms of government, making dignity the epicenter of a new world.

And the Earth Trembled! A Report From the Epicenter…. To the Originary Peoples of Mexico: To Civil Society of Mexico and the World: To the National and International Sixth: To the Free Media: We are instead the collective word of below and to the left, that which shakes Prostitute in Coalcoman world and makes it tremble with epicenters of autonomy, and which makes us so proudly different from them that: While the country is submerged in fear and terror born from the thousands of dead and disappeared, in the municipalities of the mountains and the coast of Guerrero our peoples have created conditions of real security and justice.

Meanwhile, all levels of the Prostitute in Coalcoman governments criminalize social struggle and resistance and rebellion, persecuting, accusing, disappearing, imprisoning, and murdering the men and women who struggle for just causes. While the bad governments deform State policies on education, placing education at the service of capitalist corporations such that it ceases to be a right, the originary peoples create primary schools, secondary schools, high schools and universities with Wheeling wife pussy in Wels own educational systems, based in the protection of our mother earth, in defense of territory, in production, in the sciences, in the arts, and in our languages.

Despite the fact that the majority of these processes grow without the support of any level of the bad government, these institutions are meant to serve everyone. Those who oppress, repress, exploit and dispossess are always made out to be the good Prostitute in Coalcoman, the ones who deserve to be respected and allowed to govern so that they can serve Prostitute in Coalcoman. While all of this is happening, the communities have made their own media, creating ideas in different ways so that conscience cannot be overshadowed by the lies that the capitalists impose, and instead using them to strengthen organization from below, where every true word is born.

While the governments impose their decisions to benefit the few, supplanting Prostitute in Coalcoman popular will of the people and criminalizing and repressing whoever opposes their projects of death which they impose at the cost of the blood of our peoples—such as the New Airport of Mexico City, pretending to consult them while actually imposing death—we originary peoples Prostitute in Coalcoman consistent ways and forms for free, prior and informed consent, however small or large that may be.

While the bad governments hand energy sovereignty over to foreign interests through privatization, and the high cost of gasoline reveals the face of capitalism which in fact only opens a road toward inequality and the rebellious response of the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples Prostitute in Coalcoman Mexico, the powerful can neither hide nor silence this rebellion.

While the bad governments impose their toxic and genetically modified food on consumers across the countryside and in the cities, the Mayan people continue their indefatigable struggle to stop the planting of genetically modified seed on the Yucatan peninsula Prostitute in Coalcoman across the country in order to Prostitute in Coalcoman the ancestral genetic wealth that also symbolizes our life and collective organization and is the basis for Prostitute in Coalcoman spirituality.

While the political class only destroys and makes empty promises, we Prostitute in Coalcoman build, not only in order to govern but also Prostitute in Coalcoman order to exist with autonomy and self-determination.

Those principles that house the Indigenous Governing Council are: To Naked amatuer women in Isna, not command To represent, not supplant To serve others, not serve oneself To convince, not defeat To go below, Prostitute in Coalcoman above To propose, not impose To construct, not destroy This is what we have invented and reinvented, not simply because we want to, but because it is the only way that we have to continue existing — by following new paths forged from the collective memory of our own forms of organization and that are the product of resistance and rebellion, in order to confront, every day, the war that has not ended and Prostitute in Coalcoman has not been able to do away with us.


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