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Do you want to read the rest of this article? We use cookies to make interactions with our website Prostitute in Canas and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising. For further Prostitute in Canas, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy. By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Decriminalisation Prostitute in Canas Prostitution in Papua New Guinea. En este sentido, los feminismos occidentales, de clase media y urbanos tienen mucho Prostitute in Canas aprender sobre estas experiencias.

Agencia Femenina a Debate. While I also use the term sex work to describe monetised sexual exchanges between waria and men, it is important to recognise its limitations in light of the data presented here see also Wardlow Indonesian transgender women, locally and internationally recognised as waria, share some lifestyle patterns that have emerged under conditions of limited social acceptance.

These patterns include involvement in sex work. The high number of waria who are sex workers is usually explained in economic terms. However, their presence in certain locations around the city known for waria sex work is not only for work, and quite often not even for sex. Waria street nightlife fosters waria agency, which emerges from self-affirmation through pleasurable bodily practices involving intimate Prostitute in Canas partners and both proximate other waria and men nearby and distant others structuring ideals.

Drawing on fieldwork conducted between and in Java and West Papua, this paper describes the Prostitute in Canas and economic organisation of sex work among waria, then Prostitute in Canas the social and sensorial qualities of waria street nightlife.

The legal arena has been a major site for battles over questions of sexuality. This article compares two legal cases in Canada, one on prostitution and one on polygamy, to shed light on the relationship between state legal apparatuses and the feminist actors who engage them.

The discursive strategies of the actors in the prostitution case coalesce along the familiar lines of the feminist sex wars. Through an analysis of legal Prostitute in Canas, this article considers the strange bedfellows in the prostitution and polygamy cases to provide insight into the current political terrain of Prostitute in Canas sex wars.

InNigeria enacted the Trafficking in Person Prohibition Law and Enforcement Act as the primary tool for the control of prostitution. It was amended in with tougher penalties for offenders.

This paper examines the dynamics of sex work in a changing legislative and advocacy Prostitute in Canas. Using a historical view, it explores the relationship between sex work and the Nigerian state and offers reflections on the future of prostitution in the country. This article considers the terms prostitution, sex work, transactional sex, and survival sex, the logic of their deployment and utility to research concerned with people who are paid for sex, and HIV.

The various names for paid sex in HIV research are invested in strategically differentiated positionings Prostitute in Canas people who receive payment and emphasize varying degrees of choice. The terminologies that seek to distinguish a range of economically motivated paid sex practices from Prostitute in Canas work are characterized by an emphasis on the local and the particular, efforts to evade the stigma attached to the labels sex worker and prostitute, and an analytic prioritizing of culture.

This works to bestow cultural legitimacy on some locally specific forms of paid sex and positions those practices as artifacts of culture rather than economy. This article contends that, in HIV research in particular, it is necessary to be cognizant of ways the deployment of alternative paid sex categories relocates and reinscribes stigma elsewhere. While local identity categories may be appropriate for program implementation, a global category is necessary for planning and funding purposes and offers a purview beyond that of isolated local phenomena.

The importance of networks and syringe exchange programs for HIV prevention. We report factors associated with greater awareness among WWID to identify efficient means of awareness dissemination. Bivariable analyses, using chi-squared statistics, were conducted to examine correlates of awareness Prostitute in Canas PrEP with socio-demographic, behavioral, and health care variables.

Multivariable logistic regression was used to estimate adjusted associations and determine differences in awareness of PrEP. Prostitute in Canas did not find race, education, household income, age, binge drinking, or sexual identity to be significantly associated with PrEP awareness.

These findings suggest that social networks specifically sex work and SEP networks are an efficient means for disseminating messaging about prevention materials such as PrEP. What are the non-monetary dimensions of selling sex? This article offers a cultural approach to the question of sexual Prostitute in Canas, drawing on field observations and interviews in a community of gay men in Dakar, Senegal. The men in this study Prostitute in Canas not simply to make money.

Instead, I argue that against a highly gendered cultural backdrop, Prostitute in Canas where male admiration is often written synonymously with money and gift giving, gay men experience a validation of their self-worth and homoerotic attraction through sexual labors.

The extent to which they derive recognition from sexual labors not only subverts the gendered heteronormative paradigm, Dating nederland vergelijk also is paradoxically conditioned by it. Beyond sexual labors, however, this article also engages a broader question—how do gay men forge a positive sense of self amidst a variety of oppressive forces?

The answer is not only through sexual labors, but also through initiation into a gay identity and community, an ethos of generosity and solidarity, kinship ties, and an ethic of sexual discovery, each taking shape alongside these labors. The Stickiness of Sex Work: Pleasure, Habit, and Intersubstantiality in South India.

Prostitute in Canas Sex Workers' Rights. Jun Can Woman Stud. Sex, Money and Morality: Prostitution and Tourism in South-East Asia. Female Dishonor and Male Unworthiness.

Dec Soc Text. The abstract for this document is available on CSA Illumina. To view the Abstract, click the Abstract button above the document title. The Language of Huli Disputes. Prostitute in Canas unmarried women Prostitute in Canas African towns have to sell sex, or is it a matter of Prostitute in Canas This paper describes a survey of all women in a market town of 20, individuals, and examines the economic opportunities and social support of three groups of women; prostitutes, divorced or widowed and married women.

It is necessary for all women to provide a substantial proportion of Prostitute in Canas daily income from their own resources. Most resorted to agriculture, the provision of domestic services or trade. Prostitutes differed from the other two groups in their comparatively high earnings, consumption patterns, lack of involvement with families or community and sexual behaviour.

Ethnography and Prostitution in Peru. Law, Labor, and Desire in Constructions of Prostitution. This article develops a feminist theory of prostituion that accounts for its pervasive criminalization. Existing theories tend to reduce prostitution to a form of sexuality or a form of Prostitute in Canas work. What is most threatening about commercial sex, however, is its admixture of the erotic and the economic within a single transaction.

Criminalization reasserts a divide between market work and personal or familial intimacy both by punishing its crossing and by tying prostitution to illicit sexuality. Prostitution, in its particular institutional forms and cultural significance, is thus in part a product rather than simply an object of criminal law.

Therefore, subordinating aspects of contemporary prostitution may best be combatted through decriminizatlion. Moreover, the greatest liberatory potential may flow Prostitute in Canas articulating prostitution as sex work, where the dignity and protections of labor coexist with intimate relations and where sex acts may not reveal sexual identity. Gold, Sex, and Pollution: Male Illness and Myth at Mt.

Kare, Papua New Guinea. In a goldfield was discovered in a high-altitude valley of the Prostitute in Canas New Guinea Highlands. Hundreds of Huli people from the Southern Highlands Province soon arrived to take advantage of the fortunes that could be made.

This article examines the gold's incorporation into Huli mythopoeia, relates it to men's explanations of the illnesses they suffered at the goldfield, and shows how gold became analogous to menstrual blood as an agent of pollution. It is proposed that the polluting aspect of gold provides a metacommentary on the Huli experience of colonialism and new structures of power, and that this experience is interpreted through metaphors of gender.

The Comforts of Home: Prostitution in Colonial Narobi. Oct Afr Stud Prostitute in Canas. Given the overwhelming white dominance in the written sources, it is a remarkable achievement. It enhances our understanding of African social history, political economy, and gender studies. It is a book that deserves to be widely read. The cognatic descent system of the Huli of Papua. The data presented in this thesis were gathered during two field trips - the first as a research student at the Australian National University, and the second as the Walter Mersh Strong Fellow at the University of Sydney.

The first period lasted Prostitute in Canas April, until June, and the second from June, until February, I am grateful to both universities for their financial support. I acknowledge also with gratitude the hospitality and practical help I received from officers of the Papua and New Guinea Administration and Prostitute in Canas members of the Methodist Overseas Mission at Tari headed by the Reverend Roland Barnes.

My thanks are due also to Mr. Rule of the Unevangelized Field Mission who kindly gave me a copy of Prostitute in Canas Huli grammar. This thesis was written under the supervision of Professor J. Barnes of the Department of Anthropology, Australian National University, and I thank him for his help and patient interest. I have also profited greatly from discussions with Professor W.

Geddes, and Doctors H. Last but not least, I acknowledge the kindness and patience of my informants. Most researchers use their institutional email address as their ResearchGate login.

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