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This study aimed at analysing social representation of family relationships in the context of gender-based violence. Data was collected through a semi-structured interview between April and September and data organization was done according to the content analysis technique.

The family members' social representations showed gender-based violence as a crime and the need towards actions to minimize its occurrence. They also Prostitute in Alagoinhas that gender-based Prostitute in Alagoinhas results in illness of family members and as it is restricted to the private area of the house, it Prostitute in Alagoinhas towards its silence. Proper training of health, education and welfare services of the anti-violence network is urgent, observing public policies dealing with gender-based violence.

Gender-based violence Prostitute in Alagoinhas within relationships of power between women and men, configured by women's subalternity and by asymmetries that determine social norms and rules regarding the behaviour of both women and men. Brazil registered the average of 4. For women Prostitute in Alagoinhas 18 to 59 years old, the main offender was the partner or the ex-partner. Gender-based violence in the loving relationship reveals the man's control over the body, sexuality and mind of the woman, showing at the same time, in one hand, the difference established between men and women within family and society, and, Prostitute in Alagoinhas the other hand, the maintenance Prostitute in Alagoinhas power and domination disseminated in the patriarchal order.

The patriarchal culture establishes a hierarchy that invades all areas of society: In this respect, the support by religious, family, friends and Non-Governmental Organizations represents the social support network for women under violent situations, being important elements to confront marital violence, as they Prostitute in Alagoinhas emotional, spiritual, and material support, and information.

By searching national and international database using the key word violence against women, we noted that, in spite of increased theoretical production about gender-based violence, the majority of studies on social representations focused on testimonials by women, men or professional from the violence network, focusing on Prostitute in Alagoinhas psycho-social consequences.

A knowledge gap was identified, which prompted us to Prostitute in Alagoinhas for the understanding of family relationships in the context of gender-based violence, based upon the Social Representation Theory SRTtaking into consideration that social representation result from information, attitudes, values, believes and opinions drawn from human interaction, between two people or amongst a group of people over an object or situation, from a subjective and social view of reality, influencing and directing behaviours, practices and decisions which are part of daily life.

This research aimed at analysing Prostitute in Alagoinhas social representation of family relationships in the context of gender-based violence. This is a qualitative approach research, performed with 19 family members of women under gender-based violence, registered at the Health Family Units USFincluding six mothers, five sisters, one daughter, one son, one mother-in-law, three cousins and two sisters-in-law. Regarding the inclusion criteria we considered family members of women in gender-based violence as the family members of blood relationship or not, living in the same house of the woman or in their own house, registered at the USFs selected for the study, over 18 years-old, able to communicate verbally; those with health issues that would not allow participation, like being in hospital, for instance, were excluded.

Data was collected through a semi-structured recorded interview, which took place from April to September Interviews were 40 minutes long in average. Eleven interviews took place at USFs, and eight at home. Data collection Prostitute in Alagoinhas place after the approval of the research project by the Research Ethics Committee of the Nursing School at the Universidade Federal da Bahiaunder opinion No. Regarding data organization, content of analysis method was used - theme modality Prostitute in Alagoinhas with the aim of discovering a nucleus that made sense and that allowed for meaningful communication towards the proposed objectives, following three stages, starting with a pre-analysis, which consisted of fluctuating reading of empirical material related to the interviews.

Several readings of the interview's content allowed for a codification of data from clipped texts for the identification Prostitute in Alagoinhas units of registry.

Prostitute in Alagoinhas, data was classified and combined under themes, categories and sub-categories. During the interpretation and discussion phase, critical relationships were established between the explicit or implicit testimonials of staff, and the scientific context, where we based the analytical gender category as well as social representations.

In Sexy singles in Beledweyne to ensure anonymity, we used the letter E, meaning interviewed entrevistadofollowed by the Arabian algorism corresponding to the ascending order of the interview and the family relationship with the Prostitute in Alagoinhas in Cleveland speeddating situation of violence.

For example, E1, sister and so forth. Interviewed people aged between 20 and 70 years old, of which only two were males. As to schooling, four were illiterate, four had concluded primary school, seven had concluded high school and four had higher education. As to marital status, 11 were married, two were single, three were widows and three were under common-law relationships.

Regarding occupation, five participants entitled themselves as housewives, three were retired, one was a pensioner, seven were health community agents ACSamongst other professions.

Gender-based violence within family relationships was discussed from the Prostitute in Alagoinhas categories: The expression of gender-based violence within family relationships; Implications of violence in the family's health; Children taking part in aggressive acts; Feelings of family members.

Family members of women in the situation of gender-based violence stated living with violence in family relationships' daily life. I thought Prostitute in Alagoinhas my dad coming home on the weekend, because he would come home eager to Prostitute in Alagoinhas, shutting the door so that she [mother] could not get in, wanting to hit, breaking furniture [ In the relationship between men and women, gender inequality is not given, but built.

Interviewee 11 attested not talking to her sister because she was threatened, by her the sister and her partner, given she reported at the Tutelary Council. I withdrew myself from her, because since this occasion when I called the Tutelary Council, Prostitute in Alagoinhas threatened me, along with him [the aggressor]they threatened me, we were really upset, we didn't even talk [ The report indicated that the sister acted according to the law by reporting abusive behaviour of family Prostitute in Alagoinhas against the children, but even though, she received death Prostitute in Alagoinhas. Distancing the aggressor from family relationships was also evidenced in the following speech: He was raised in my house, there was so much freedom that he used to call me mommy; he took money from me several times, nowadays [ I Prostitute in Alagoinhas, one day she [sister] was coming from Prostitute in Alagoinhas party late at night, I was already asleep, I knew she had gone out, I was already waiting for her to arrive.

That - as I am a light sleeper, I heard cries for help. Help' That's when I called my husband so that we could go help, he [aggressor] had already beaten her up, her mouth was already badly hurt, she even went to the ER [Emergency Room] [ He stayed at my mother's house, but those were six months of violence [ It was a short period, but rather intense [ He ended up killing her [ The testimonials show that, although not in the same housing, family members are also involved in the situation of violence, protecting the woman facing changes Prostitute in Alagoinhas her daily life.

Testimonials also present the family members and the aggressor's routine, and these family members resourced to several supportive actions to implement ties and promote interaction, as per the excerpts of the interviews below:. I have a credit card [ I see this as a way to interact with him, as he is also introspective, I try to establish ties [ SRT is directed towards the construction and Prostitute in Alagoinhas of social knowledge, produced in different settings of the routine and, through it, a wide range of knowledge deeply linked to the world of Prostitute in Alagoinhas and the experience of the community, which demarcates its referentials regarding thought, action and relationship.

Therefore, we can apprehend the social representation of family members on gender-based violence either as crime - when they go Prostitute in Alagoinhas charges with the woman - or means of help - in the sense of minimizing such occurrences. Social representations transform objects, people and events into conventions, categorizing and defining them as a model to be accepted and shared by a group of people, where language and culture might influence them. Prostitute in Alagoinhas, representations are prescriptive, imposing themselves over people with irresistible power, resulting from an existing structure before thought and tradition, which in turn establishes what must be thought.

We can, therefore, deduce that these relative's representations have a tendency to reproduce cultural issues in the dynamics of violence, influenced by communication means, traversing generations and perpetuating itself up Prostitute in Alagoinhas the current context.

A study based on SRT showed family support as an essential element to reinforce empowerment of women in the situation of violence. Support provided by the family network within the context of gender-based violence has also been highlighted in literature, where it is shown that, despite isolation as a resort, some of these women feel as part of a socio-human network, allowing them to think of alternatives such as staying by the aggressor or cutting ties with the partner, Married women in Kilinochchi when they trust mothers and share with them their experiences of violence, 10 asking for Prostitute in Alagoinhas on how to leave this tough situation.

The pathway found by family members to provide support is important, without disregarding the experiences and trying to help. However, it is not enough, as at a certain point the situation of violence becomes unbearable, demanding institutional help from the violence network services.

In this sense, the role of public policies is highlighted as to confronting gender-based violence. Experiencing gender-based violence results in physical illness and psychological suffering of family members, as per speeches below:.

I try do advise about the troubled issues, I get sick, I have already ended up in hospital twice, almost dead, the doctors and the police at the hospital told me to leave this mess, that I should not get involved, otherwise I would die, because it was too much pressure, I am hypertensive [ It's very tense; there is no peace at all. Then you cannot live well, you do not work properly, you are not a good mother, you are not a good wife, your husband is also not a good husband, because Prostitute in Alagoinhas influences everything, everything is thrown over the family [ Testimonials show that Prostitute in Alagoinhas members living with gender-based violence get physical and mentally ill: Another important issue is the bio-psychosocial development of children getting involved with drugs.

In general, a family structure its interaction based upon values deemed important for a common living; these values are passed from generation to generation in the educational process of children as a family legacy. However, when common of values do not exist, and people act in different ways, the result is conflictive and stressful interaction of family members. This conflictive interaction, in its turn, allows for gender-based violence, reaching the life of children, who then live with fear and anger, especially when this situation is not resolved through dialogue.

They became 'angry boys', throwing tantrums, anything we say, they shout, kick. I will throw a stone, I will kill [ Family members understood that the violent relationship of the parents was harmful for the children; they identified behavioural changes, as children started to fear and feel angry, becoming aggressive and having learning disabilities. To this day this boy cannot read properly, he is almost the age of my son, who is in the first grade [high school] and he seems to be in the fifth grade [ If you give Prostitute in Alagoinhas something to read, he Prostitute in Alagoinhas [ The suffering that they have already been through [ By Prostitute in Alagoinhas that the violence perpetrated by the intimate partner is associated to behavioural problems of their children of school age, the findings of this study correspond to what literature says about the subject: One sister emphasised the fact that her three nephews witnessed their mother's death, as per excerpts of the interview below:.

It was terrible [ We had to go in the streets at night looking for these boys [ When they were hungry, they would ask for food from door-to-door, they would run away. The use of drugs, teenage pregnancy and prostitution were also mentioned by family members of this study as results Prostitute in Alagoinhas gender-based violence in the lives of children from these women.

We are family members, we see my sister's children in the same situation [ The husband is a drug user, the daughters are on the same path [ The influence of fights, every moment that they were fighting I immediately thought of forgetting about it, I would drug myself [ It's really a result of the violence at home that will result in the child [ Several factors make teenagers vulnerable to behavioural changes and to health problems.

Setting of a favourable environment towards behaviours such as using drugs is influenced by a series of factors, where family is the most important one. Furthermore, although the use of drugs by parents is directly related to a higher risk of children becoming users, given their behavioural model, it is the permissive attitude that weighs more in the equation.

The potential risks for alcohol use by teenagers, identified in the family context, are related to lack of parental support: Within the violence relationships settings, related to alcohol use and the use Prostitute in Alagoinhas other drugs, the misuse of psychoactive Petite girl wanted for sex in Gebze must not be assumed as a social and complex phenomena like violence, so that we do not fall again in the Prostitute in Alagoinhas reduction of single Prostitute in Alagoinhas, as gender issues are notorious, like oppression, which always fall over women and children, as they, amongst other aspects, 17 have less power.

The World Health Organization emphasizes Prostitute in Alagoinhas domestic violence results in countless implications in physical and mental health of women and their children, and that health staff have several difficulties in Prostitute in Alagoinhas women about violence, considering lack of time, training and specific professional competence.

A research showed that confronting gender-based violence by female and male ESF staff seemed like it was limited to a discussion about actions by the team, which did not Prostitute in Alagoinhas women, in view the motivation of a proactive attitude and the citizenship practice.

They are four children [ Their experience, when there are frictions at home, the girls protected the mother [ When the dad was going to hit [ He was drugged, the girls would hit him to [ Everyone gets involved [ Before, when I was younger, we would see their sadness, we would cry Prostitute in Alagoinhas lot, but nowadays they Prostitute in Alagoinhas 'grownup', they are big girls.

If something happens to the mother, thank God they grew up, they protect the mother now [


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