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Call our Reservations Team or contact your travel agent. This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you agree to our use of cookies. Aug 26 To Sep 11, Offers for this cruise. Arctic - Special Savings. The RGS invites Older women in Kangerlussuaq for a journey of untouched scenery, majestic fjords and exceptional wildlife.

Gaze amazed as rare Peregrine Falcons hunt for prey while you venture north in search of the elusive Polar Bear. The waters may be Older women in Kangerlussuaq but the culture of the local Inuit population will warm your memories for a long time after you disembark.

Kangerlussuaq is a settlement in western Greenland in the Qeqqata municipality located at Older women in Kangerlussuaq head of the fjord of the same name Danish: It is Greenland's main air transport hub and the site of Greenland's largest commercial airport. The Kangerlussuaq area is also home to Greenland's most Older women in Kangerlussuaq terrestrial fauna, including muskoxen, caribou, and gyrfalcons.

The settlement's economy and population of is almost entirely reliant on the airport and Reasons for backdating council tax benefit industry. Located just north of the Arctic Circle, Sisimiut is the northernmost town in Greenland where the port remains free of ice in the winter. Yet it is also the southernmost town where there is enough snow and ice to drive a dogsled in winter and spring.

In Sisimiut, travelling by sled has been the primary means of winter transportation for centuries. In fact, the area has been inhabited for approximately 4, years.

Modern Sisimiut is the largest business center in the north of Greenland, and is one of the fastest growing Greenlandic cities. In the iceberg-laden waters surrounding the remote community of Uummannaq it is common to see whales.

So whether that is whale watching from the Observatory Lounge, writing home to your loved ones or simply topping Older women in Kangerlussuaq your tan by the pool, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side. Today Pond Older women in Kangerlussuaq is considered one of Canada's "jewels of the Older women in Kangerlussuaq thanks to several picturesque glaciers and mountain ranges nearby.

Many archaeological sites of ancient Dorset and Thule peoples can be found near Pond Inlet. The Inuit hunted caribou, ringed and harp seals, fish, polar bears, walrus, narwhals, geese, ptarmigans and Arctic hares, long before European and American whalers came here to harvest bowhead whales.

The starkly beautiful Sam Ford Fjord area of Baffin Island has one of the most impressive concentrations of vertical rock walls to be found anywhere in the world.

The steep stone walls were formed by ancient glaciers that carved the landscape through the ages. However, the feature that makes the shoreline truly special is the way that many of these walls rise Older women in Kangerlussuaq up from the dark waters of the deep fjord. Swimming these waters are marine mammals including narwhals and seals that once attracted Inuit hunters to this coast.

There are few places on earth where the simple grandeur of the landscape can dwarf a ship with giant Older women in Kangerlussuaq, steep cliffs, and glacial rivers of ice.

In Gibbs Fjord it is possible to see only towering cliffs and the seemingly impenetrable fortress of 4,foot walls and buttresses that make up Sillem Island, eventually dividing the dark, deep waters of Gibbs and Clark Fjords.

The geological formations here Older women in Kangerlussuaq for excellent photo opportunities and it is astounding to realize that very little of this spectacular terrain has ever been explored.

Cape Burney lies on the east coast of Bylot Island, and is used regularly by Older women in Kangerlussuaq Inuit during their hunting and fishing seasons. A total of 74 species of Arctic birds thrive on this island. In fact, it is such an important nesting area that the entire island has been incorporated into the Sirmilik National Park, and the eastern part of the island is federally designated as the Bylot Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary. Devon Island, located in Baffin Bay, is only slightly smaller than Croatia.

The eastern side is frosted by the Devon Ice Cap, while on the western half of the island lays the 14 mile wide Haughton impact crater. It was created around 39 million years ago when a meteorite crashed into the land. The landscape surrounding this site resembles the surface of Mars. In fact, for the past decade scientists have conducted research here to determine how humans might live one day on Mars.

The beautiful uninhabited Coburg Island has a diverse landscape including cliffs, rocky shores, and lush tundra while bowhead whales, narwhals and beluga are known to frequent the surrounding waters. It is one of the Queen Elizabeth Islands and due to its unique ecology and wildlife, this island has been designated an International Biological Program site and a Key Migratory Bird Terrestrial Habitat site.

Tens of thousands of seabirds, including Black-legged Kittiwakes, Thick-billed Murres, Glaucous Gulls and Northern Fulmars all nestle together on the rocky cliffs.

Today, the combination of calm blue-green waters, icebergs, snow-covered mountains, and glaciers makes for a stunning scenic cruise. Polar bears and beluga are frequently seen in this area. Although no permanent residents live here, it has been used periodically for a variety of purposes over the years.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had a station here for ten years, from toduring the beginning of the Cold War. At the time, it was the northern-most police station in the world.

Later, between andthis location was used as a seasonal research base. Pim Island is most noted as the site where members of the Greely Expedition of were forced to take refuge for nine months before they were rescued. By then, 18 of the 25 expedition members had perished. The ruins Older women in Kangerlussuaq their escapade are still visible today. Qaanaaq is considered one of the northernmost towns in the world, but there are two settlements within Greenland that are slightly further north.

Although the region had already been used by Paleo-Eskimos some 4, years ago permanent settlements only started Older women in Kangerlussuaq the presence of American explorers as well as Danish missionaries and traders in the late 19th and early 20th century. Bowdoin Fjord, just over 12 miles from Qaanaaq village, is in the central west section of Greenland.

At the far end of the fjord is the calving front of the Bowdoin Glacier, which produces many large beautiful icebergs. A graduate of Bowdoin College Class ofPeary named both the fjord and the Older women in Kangerlussuaq after his alma mater. Visit the arctic seascape of Cape York, Greenland. Located on the northwestern coast of Greenland in Baffin Bay, Cape York is an important geographical feature delimiting the Melville Bay at its northwestern end and Kiatassuaq Island at its other end.

The iron from this meteorite attracted Inuit migrating from Arctic Canada who Older women in Kangerlussuaq the metal in making tools and harpoons. Visitors to this region will see iconic drifting blue-white icebergs that are shrinking as the earth temperature rises. Known as the birthplace of icebergs, the Ilulissat Icefjord produces nearly 20 million tons of ice each day. The town of Ilulissat is known for its long periods of calm and settled weather, but the climate tends to be cold due to its proximity to the fjord.

Approximately 4, people live in Ilulissat, the third-largest town in Greenland after Nuuk and Sisimiut. Some people here estimate that there are nearly as many sled dogs as human beings living in the town that also boasts a local history museum located in the former home of Greenlandic folk hero and famed Older women in Kangerlussuaq explorer Knud Rasmussen.

Only people live in the small Greenlandic community of Kangaamiut. Located on the south coast of Timerdlit Island and facing the Davis Strait, Kangaamiut is situated between the mouths of two long fjords: Silversea's oceanview suites are some of the most spacious in luxury cruising.

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Weather Forecast for Kangerlussuaq | euronews, previsions for Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (temperature, wind, rainfall). Ten day forecast for Kangerlussuaq. Kangerlussuaq, Greenland - September 8, group of dwellings using the square stones of the area which may be as old as the Early Dorset. A woman who has been known to chase caribou on a snowmobile at kilometers an hour. Kangerlussuaq, population , is a tiny town in West Greenland that's built In fact, archaeological finds date back to year old hunting.