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Eski Camii is Older women in Edirne of the most fascinating historical buildings in Edirne. It is the oldest of the three Sultan Mosques situated in the centre of the city.

While it does not make such a grand impression as Selimiye Mosque, it is beautifully decorated with original huge calligraphies on its outer and inner walls. Moreover, unlike most of the Imperial Ottoman mosques that are usually covered with one huge dome, this mosque was built with nine smaller ones. There Older women in Edirne a prolonged break in the construction, caused by the succession war between three sons on Beyazit.

The Older women in Edirne was finally completed inwhen another son of Beyazit won the war and became the sole ruler of the Ottoman Empire as Sultan Mehmed I. Naturally, the Old Mosque did not always bear the name. It was constructed as the main mosque of Edirne, or the Friday Mosque, in the market neighbourhood of the city. Originally, the mosque had only one minaret, decorated with just one balcony, and situated on the northeast corner of the prayer hall.

This minaret has two separate sets of stairs - one for each of its balconies. There is also a fountain at the base of this minaret. Numerous additions Older women in Edirne made to the mosque over the centuries. The fountain at the base of the higher minaret was built into serve as a place of water distribution as a form of charity. Over the centuries, numerous disasters damaged the mosque, including fires and earthquakes.

Its first restoration was executed on the order of Sultan Mahmud I in The inscription over the dervish lodge's door informs about another restoration, carried out in by Sultan Abdulaziz.

More recently, the mosque was restored between and Damaged again by the earthquake, it got its present look in The last restoration occurred infounded by Edirne District Directorate of Religious Foundations. Unfortunately, a small medrese, which belonged to the mosque, has not been preserved to our times.

There is a five-bay portico in front of the mosque, but it is probably a later addition. Its central bay is covered by a dome, and the side bays are finished with cross-vaults. The marble entryway that leads into the prayer hall is decorated with muqarnas stalactite motive. The heart of the mosque is the square prayer hall, with sides of about 50 meters in length, divided into nine bays, in three by three arrangement. This division is created by four piers supporting pointed arches that carry nine domes.

Such a multi-domed structure of Old Mosque resembles the architectural solution applied in Great Mosque tr. Ulu Camii from Bursa. Huge calligraphies, visible both on the outside and the inside are a characteristic feature of the mosque. They were made at different times by various artists from all corners of the Ottoman Empire. Most of the interior decorations are from the second half of the 19th century, Older women in Edirne the exception of the marble mihrab Older women in Edirne mimbar, dating back to the times of the construction of the mosque and bearing the traces of fire.

The mihrab has a unique appearance as it consists of two niches, with the smaller one, decorated with muqarnas pattern, is placed inside the larger one. There are several peculiarities that distinguish Old Mosque from other mosques in Edirne. Local lore says that one stone on the wall is actually a little piece of the Kaaba brought from Mecca. This small black stone is known as Rukn-u Yemani and can be found on the wall of the window Older women in Edirne the mimbar.

Its location - called the Valley of Heaven - is believed to make the wishes come true and the prayers to be heard. He was a poet, a Sufi, and the founder of the Bayrami Sufi order.

In his respect, other imams used other benches to preach. Old Mosque is located in the historical centre of Edirne, next to two other famous mosques: Skip to main content. Old Mosque in Edirne. Dijkema, Fokke, Ottoman historical monumental inscriptions in Edirne. Gazi Mihal Bridge in Edirne. Older women in Edirne and Helena in Edirne. Create new account Request new password.

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In the north of Tekirdağ on the border between Greece and Turkey Edirne bridges, old bazaars, caravanserais and palaces, Edirne is a living museum. Edirne. Edirne (pronounced eh-deer-neh) is a city in Eastern Thrace, in northwest Turkey . Üç Şerefeli and Old Mosques — Talat Paşa Bulvarı lies towards east, eventually turning into the highway to . There are separate parts for men and women. Dating service and matchmaking for single women in Edirne. Women seeking men in Edirne. 34 - years old a woman seeking a man age from 18 till