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Iranian women with PCOS are likely to face a number of unique difficulties given particular societal and cultural norms for women. Twenty Married woman having sex in Yasuj women were interviewed and data was subjected to thematic analysis.

Women reported substantial effects of PCOS on their quality of life, Themes generated from the data related to sexual - physical problems An unsexualised self: PCOS is a physical - sexual, psychological and social syndrome; therefore, it is necessary to taking a more holistic approach to patient care beyond treating physical symptoms.

Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS is the most common endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age. The symptoms typically associated with PCOS include: Post diagnosis, patients with PCOS face multiple tests and hospital appointments, with associated anxiety.

Studies indicate diminished health related quality of life HRQoLmarital and social difficulties, depression and suicidal ideation among patients with PCOS [ 23 ].

Poor QoL is likely to be a risk factor for other poor outcomes. This figure is similar to that reported by patients suffering from other chronic medical conditions and much higher than that reported by the general population. Culture and society can shape what an illness means to an individual.

Iranian women typically take up prominent roles in managing family life, diagnosis of, and its subsequent treatment regime, is likely to have significant and unique effects on the on their HRQoL. For example, in Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism, a man is forbidden to have intercourse with his wife during her menses.

Whilst PCOS is well researched from a medical perspective, there is relatively little work on patient experience and perspective. With a view to developing effective and support interventions to women diagnosed with PCOS, the present study aimed to explore the effects PCOS has on the physical, social, and psychological and emotional aspects of the lives of Iranian women.

The ethics committee of the Yasuj Medical University approved the study. Patients diagnosed with PCOS, and who were attending outpatient gynecology clinics in Yasuj and Kashan Iranwere invited to participate in the study.

Before their clinic appointments, patients interested in taking part were screened through a brief face-to-face consultation to check if they met the following inclusion criteria: Once women agreed to participate and, following consent into the study, interview appointments were arranged. Out of the 30 women who invited to participate in the study, 10 declined reasons unknown.

The final sample consisted of 20 patients with PCOS. The age range of participants was 21—34 years. Most participants were educated to diploma level but were unemployed. Interviews were conducted by FB and were audio recorded. Interviews were transcribed verbatim by FB to playscript standard. A thematic analysis was conducted on the interview data, following the approach detailed by Braun and Clarke [ 8 ]. Thematic analysis is a Married women in Kilinochchi research tool, which can support the generations of detailed analysis without being restricted by a particular theoretical i.

It aims to identify, analyse, and report patterns themes within data. Following multiple readings of the interviews, analysis involved line-by-line coding, whereby descriptive codes were assigned to sections of text that had distinct meaning e. Next, similar codes were grouped to create the categories e. MAXQDA facilitates data management, the assignment of labels, codes and themes to text fragments and the generation of thematic matrices containing Married woman having sex in Yasuj elements.

The primary analysis was conducted by FB. Emerging analytic claims were discussed Married woman having sex in Yasuj the study team, to test the credibility of analysis based on the raw data. Credibility was further enhanced through member checks. Maximum variation of sampling as well as prolonged engagement increased the credibility of data.

There are numerous approaches for analyzing qualitative data. Content analysis is a method of analyzing written, verbal or visual communication messages [ 10 ]. An advantage of the method is that large volumes of textual data and different textual sources can be dealt with and used in corroborating evidence. A qualitative content analysis method was used to reach the objective of the study using conventional method. In conventional content analysis, coding categories are derived directly from the text data [ 11 ].

Therefore, we selected qualitative content analysis study for present research. Findings are presented as three themes; i sexual - physical problems; ii exposure and invasion; and iii diminished self and diminished life.

Many participants talked about the negative impact of PCOS and its treatment on their marital relationships, particularly in the realm of sexual desirability and exposure of oneself. They talked about psychological and physical barriers to a fulfilling sexual relationship. Infertility associated with the syndrome also had a profound effect on couple relationships.

Moreover, often in infertility treatment, a specific timetable is recommended for intercourse, and these schedules impacted the naturalness of sexual activity between couples. I wish to have a baby as soon as possible and be released from timetabled sex! Many participants talked about the physical side effects of PCOS and its treatment on their general health. A dominant concern was the pain associated with managing and treating Married woman having sex in Yasuj hair re-growth and emerging acne.

Women engaged with multiple practices to beautify or feminize themselves, despite discomfort and pain: Participants described difficult experiences whereby the reactions of others led them to feeling marginalized: So, I do not go to their home. I do not Married woman having sex in Yasuj comfortable there. Participants also talked of concealing Married woman having sex in Yasuj symptoms from others, to reduce likely negative reactions or intrusions: I wear a scarf to conceal the excessive hair on my face.

Here, the participant discloses a preoccupation with hair growth and a felt imperative to conceal it Slut in Des Moines others, including her partner. The woman is also motivated to be protective of herself, given the intolerance she may experience in her social world. Thus, women with PCOS are highly exposed and highly vulnerable given the visibility of their symptoms. Their options in this context are ones of avoidance, concealment and protection.

Most participants spoke about the reaction of people in their immediate social worlds to the symptoms of PCOS. You have too much hair growth. These are a sign of your infertility. Some participants were affected by recommendations of others during the process of treatment: Some told me those injections are not good and that they mess with your fertility. They said that Married woman having sex in Yasuj should have a spontaneous menstrual cycle not one caused by injection.

Sometimes, I feared the side effects of those shots and so I stopped taking them. In particular, pregnancy vs. What seems to be the problem? Some participants felt that they were stigmatized in the community due to infertility: Taunting was another experience endured by women with PCOS, typically from men who challenged both femininity as well as the truth of their experiences: You have too much hair! Some men surprisingly used to ask me: Are you always on your period?!

Thus, across a range of aspects of PCOS, women reported feeling invaded by a public gaze, which both sought to act as pseudo-medical informants, as well constant challenges to the normality of their bodies, and their womanhood.

Across the transcripts, women Married woman having sex in Yasuj in ways which reflected their sense of being diminished by their experience of POCS, but largely in terms of the reactions of others, rather than coping with the syndrome in and of itself.

This set of sub-themes captures the psychological and emotional impact of POCS: The imperative to become pregnant is profound among Iranian women and being infertile was a very difficult reality for study participants to tolerate. My life is so hard since we stopped thinking of having a baby. I wish I never had him. Being infertile, or yet to become pregnant, was central to womanhood for the study participants.

They reported feelings of being consumed with thoughts of becoming pregnant, of extreme jealously of others with children and deep loss following decisions to remain childless. For many, the mental and physical tiredness and weariness of coping with PCOS permeated their lives substantially, severely impacting their capacity for normal functioning.

Feelings of depression and hopelessness were also cited, especially after prolonged treatment, and showing how women shifted from experiences of determination and coping to one of resignation: I thought PCOS was no big deal. I can treat it through taking some medications or injections immediately.

But, now I am more hopeless than ever. Married woman having sex in Yasuj after themselves, or investing in themselves, seemed difficult for some Woman sex tonight in Hungary. For example, one woman stated: My husband always tells me: Here, not only is the woman coping with the draining nature of her condition, but she is still called upon to invest effort in her presentation to others.

Engagement related to the disease and its complications was another problem in these participants who reported feeling constantly immersed in thoughts about their illness, the effects of treatment, and what the future may hold Married woman having sex in Yasuj them: On the other side, as the age increases, the treatment becomes more complicated. This study reports the outcomes of an interview based study with Iranian women diagnosed with the syndrome.

Iranian women may face particular experiences related to PCOS given particular social and cultural imperatives. PCOS is often diagnosed at the time in life when finding a sexual partner, beginning sexual activity and marriage is important.

Therefore, it is thought that the femininity Married woman having sex in Yasuj psychosexual issues related to PCOS can cause substantial Married woman having sex in Yasuj for these women [ 1415 ]. PCOS related changes in appearance may contribute negatively to sexual satisfaction and sexual self-worth, possibly Married woman having sex in Yasuj affecting self-esteem Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Haeju female identity.

Studies show that diseases such as PCOS cause loss of body control and a sense of uselessness leading to a negative body perception [ 1516 ]. Women with PCOS reported that they do not feel their body is sexually appealing.


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