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It was a Tuesday morning and she was in the kitchen making breakfast for her husband of one year. The same breakfast she made every Tuesday. He liked waking up in the morning with the day basically planned out for him, down to what he would eat. That was one big difference between them both, but she loved him. Tolu was loving, caring and simply a good man. He was also a good provider. She quit her job 3 weeks before their wedding when it occurred to her that Tolu can provide everything they, and their future family would need.

In any case, it was not like she was climbing some important career ladder. She had been stuck at a dead end job for 3 years since she graduated from Lagos State University.

Tolu was beyond pleased with her decision and he made sure he provided her with everything she needed. He had a pretty good job with one of the major beverage-making company in Lagos and he worked hard to earn a decent living.

So, Wunmi was fine being the one that caters to him when he is home. She ran his bath water, fed him his food the way he liked it, did his laundry, and perform her bedroom duties to his satisfaction. It was a good life. But why has she been feeling so restless lately? Before Wunmi met Tolu, she was the consummate party girl.

She loved having fun. But one of her greatest excitement came from having really amazing sex with guys. She had this obsession with tying men Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu and proceeding to have her naughty way with them. She loved hearing them beg, and moan, and lose control. She loved knowing she had all the power and she got off on giving them so much pleasure when they are unable to touch her. Then Tolu came Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu. She met Tolu at 24 and it was love at first sight.

Only Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu thing, Tolu was one of those conservative guys who thought Missionary was the only position allowed during sex. He never even so much as let Wunmi give him head. Nothing special, nothing freaky.

But Wunmi was in love. And she was also smart enough to know that good guys like Tolu do not come easy. Her parents had been dropping hints that she should consider being with someone marriage-worthy. So she stayed with him, and put her freaky self on the shelf.

They dated for two years and got married when she was Yep, that was her husband. No curse words were allowed in her house. It was not like he was a very religious person, although, they do not miss church every Sunday, he just had this moral pedestal that he refused to climb down from.

He considers himself disciplined but all Wunmi wanted was for him to just take down is guard someday and let go. She sighed in disappointment, knowing that was probably never going to happen.

If he would not be freaky when they were dating, he would no doubt be against it now that they are married. He would not want to see his wife that way. He believed a wife should be adored and respected, which is great, but Wunmi is also a wife that would love to be treated like a whore sometimes.

As she began making another batch of akara for her husband, she tried to just simply be happy with what she has. A good man, comfortable life, a beautiful flat located at the more opulent area of Lagos Island are things to be thankful for. About 2 weeks after they got married, Wunmi figured out that the bathroom was good for more than one thing. She was taking her bath as usual when she happened to rub the washcloth over her mound just the right way. What she felt made her break out in a sweat and she baled up the washcloth to do it again.

She had never been a fan of masturbation. And they were always willing to please. But that morning, things changed. Since then, she had Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu a shower routine that has nothing to do with getting cleaned. This time, she got in the shower, turned the water on and stood under the spray until the ceiling was wet with steam. Then she turned the water pressure down and rubbed a bar of sweet soap all over her body, enjoying the lush bubble and paying Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu attention to her swelling breasts and growing nipples.

She worked the soap between her hands until she was holding creamy suds. She cupped her breasts and squeezed them gently, loving the thickness and how full and firm they Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu in her hands. She held on to them, sliding her fingers forward a little at a time, teasing herself into a heat as her Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu stiffened and ached. Finally, she spread the thick suds over her nipples and massaged them in small circles, moaning out Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu as her pussy started to drip.

Her hands had a mind of their own as they cupped and squeezed, then returned to her nipples and flicked and teased. She took the soap and slid it down her flat belly, then worked up more lather on her mound, soaping her soft hair until it Hot horny old ladies in Santiago foamy and white.

She dipped her middle finger into the lather and pressed it down to her clit, then climaxed as she inserted it deeply into herself. Her walls clenched and collapsed around her finger as her body convulsed like crazy.

Near the end of her orgasm, she pushed three fingers up inside her to feel some thickness, then squeezed her muscles tight until the very last spark of pleasure faded and her breasts stopped heaving. Walking back to the bedroom after the shower, a plan had begun to take shape in her mind. He had been friends with Jerry and Bayo since high school and every week, they had a few drinks and caught up on all things relating to life.

He was at the bar with them around 6: Tolu always had only one bottle of alcohol when he was with his friends, causing him to be the butt of several jokes. But he did not mind. He considered himself very disciplined and the way some of these guy look and sound after a few bottles disgusted him. A few seconds after the waiter brought their drinks, an extremely gorgeous woman walked into the bar, hand-in-hand with someone who was presumably her boyfriend.

Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu three men eyed her as the reached their seats. No doubt about it, this girl was just exquisite. She had curves in the right places and a face that is difficult to forget. A few minutes after the couple sat down, the man got up and headed towards the restroom. The all laughed at this for two reasons.

One, the woman was obviously way out of his league, and two, she is unlikely to flirt with her man just a few feet away. But Jerry usually gets a little bit daring after a couple of bottles. Tolu was positive his friend would not succeed. Besides, this would be fun to watch, so he agreed to the deal.

Jerry sauntered towards the girl and the guys watched in awe as Jerry sat down and exchanged some words with her. Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu and Jerry chuckled. It was so obvious that for someone who had never had more than one drink per session, their friend was getting quite tipsy. Tolu barely heard him but let his friends lead him to the car and he could feel himself getting sleepy as they drove off.

She could not believe her plan is already going better than she hoped. It was easy talking Jerry into staging a scene that would leave her husband a little tipsy and dropping him at a hotel. Jerry just confirmed that Tolu is asleep in some hotel in Victoria Island and explained how he was able to get two of his work colleagues to help him with his plan. The beautiful female colleague he Looking for am orgasm friend in Tolu was more than happy to play the game.

Wunmi was already getting turned on as she packed her bag with what she would need for the night and headed to the hotel. He really was out. She approached the bed. She brought out the blindfold from her bag and put it on him, just in case he woke up before she could finish. She then slowly took off his clothes. She lifted both his hands up above his head and cuffed them together. She then reached to cuff his ankles to the sides of the bed. She stood back to watch her work.

Here was her conservative husband, naked and splayed on the bed for her taking. She mounted him and planted a hot wet kiss on his mouth. Tolu stirred, but did not wake up. She then reached down to give his right nipple and flicked her tongue gently over it.

Tolu stirred again, this time, she noticed him begin respond ever to slightly to her touch. She smiled to herself as she began working on the other nipple in earnest. She was getting so turned on with having her husband at her mercy, she licked and sucked and teased his nipples until they were hard as rock.

Wunmi did not respond.


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