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With an altitude of 2, meters above the sea level, this region is called the Roof of Iran and the Neighbor of the Sky. This area is full of hot springs and miniature waterfalls; it is considered the hub of mineral waters and the habitat of medicinal plants and animals with plant Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord. This region's climate conditions have led to it being called the Sexy women in Kragujevac of Iran".

Due to the attention of the government and the planning of Shahrekord University authorities and staff, the university has been successful in numerous Bbw wives in Siauliai, scholarly, educational, and cultural fields, and Shahrekord University has established itself as one of the most successful universities in Iran.

There are currently around 8, students studying in disciplines i. There are faculty members i. Shahrekord University is located in Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord. This city is known for its natural environment, landscape, waterfalls and rivers. In addition to geographical location and good climate of Shahrekord, the University has a lot of facilities such as hostels, guesthouses, self-service, well-equipped laboratories and sports facilities, which are available for academic staffs, personals and students.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology at Shahrekord University was established in and it consists of a square-meter, 4 story building and a collection of square-meter workshop. The student population of Faculty of Engineering is approximately students majoring Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord 19 various fields consists of under-graduate, graduate and doctoral students.

In order for this to accomplish, 43 full-time and 50 part-time faculty members are helping as part of a global team. Various fields in faculty of Engineering are involved: So far, Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord to now, under-graduate and graduate students have been instructed and graduated. Field of Mechanical Engineering was started with fluids mechanics under-graduate program in Fromthe graduate program was on track and Doctoral program Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord started from Currently, this group consists of 12 Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord faculty members, under-graduate students, graduate students and Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord Doctoral students.

The group is currently involved in 6 industrial research projects. Electrical Engineering program was first started in Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord the entrance of students majoring in Electronic Engineering. The under-graduate power program, graduate power program, graduate electronic and doctoral power program was started inandrespectively.

Currently, the group consists of 20 full-time faculty member, under-graduate students, graduate students and 12 doctoral students. The group is currently involved in 47 industrial research projects. The Material Engineering program was first started in with the entrance of students majoring in Ceramics. Later, graduate students of this program are conducted in In order to develop this field further, industrial metallurgy major at under-graduate and graduate fields are introduced in andrespectively.

Currently, this group consists of 12 full-time faculty member, under-graduate students and 71 graduate students. The group is currently involved in 18 industrial research projects. Under-graduate program of Civil Engineering was first established in The graduate program of Hydraulic Structures was started in Currently, the group consists of 4 full-time faculty members, under-graduate students and 29 graduate students.

The group is currently involved in 16 industrial research projects. The Computer Science majoring in software programming was first started in Currently, the group consists of 4 full-time faculty member and 69 under-graduate students. The faculty of basic sciences was established in and began to admit students in undergraduate and graduate programs. At present, the faculty is divided into 4 departments including departments of Biology, Genetics, Physics and Chemistry.

There are three main areas of study programs. There are more than 39 full-time academic staff and 10 full-time support staff and, 35 part-time and seasonal employees. The faculty of mathematical sciences was launched in The department of mathematics as an initial core, of this faculty, was launched in by admitting students to B.

At present, there are students, consisting of different programs of PhD, M. The faculty includes 23 academic members including Assistant and Associate professors. The faculty has three departments. Our faculty is equipped with a suitable computer lab to service research and educational needs of the members. It is notable that, foundation of the center of Excellence of Nonlinear Analysis, Optimization and Control is one of the prominent achievements of our faculty.

The faculty was initially launched in with the advent of the Department of Persian Language and Literature that admitted students to B. Then, the Department of Law was launched and began to admit students in October The Faculty of Letters and Humanities began to function independently in by running the two B.

Afterward, students were admitted to MSc. Subsequently, the two B. Next, the Department of Physical Education started to admit B. The faculty started to admit B. Then, the first MSc. Sports Physiology and Sports Corrective Exercises. At the same time, the Department of English began to admit MSc. Later, female students were admitted to B. In addition, the Department of Counseling started to admit B. The faculty presently includes 44 academic members, of whom 1 is full professor, 5 are associate professors, 38 are assistant professors.

There are more than BSc. The Faculty has nine departments. Faculty of Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord Medicine of Shahrekord University was established in The primary purpose of the faculty has been to educate student for Veterinary technician. First Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course D. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has four departments. The faculty has 32 full- time academic Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord including 3 full professors, 15 associated professors and 14 assistant professors.

The faculty of agriculture was founded in with the aim of providing expert and efficient manpower in different agricultural majors. This faculty is the oldest and somehow the initial core of Shahrekord University. It has several laboratories e. Faculty of Agriculture has four departments. The Department of Mechanical Engineering of Biosystems was founded in with the aim of training expert and efficient manpower in 1 Mechanical Engineering of Biosystems, 2 Agricultural Mechanization Engineering and 3 Food Machinery Engineering.

The department has different laboratories including Physical and Mechanical. The Entomology Plant Pathology laboratory and Isolate Greenhouses are the most important laboratories of this department. The Department of Plant Breeding and Biotechnology was branched out from the Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding in with the aim of providing the expert and efficient students in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology. The training facilities of the department include plant tissue culture lab, plant breeding lab and some research greenhouses.

Every year, a significant fraction of the publications in faculty of Prostitute in Baotou is published by the members of this department. Moreover, dozens of students in bachelor, master and PhD programs are graduated every year from this department.

Soil Science at Shahrekord University can trace its origins from teaching soil science courses to agriculture students through the formation of a separate Department of Soil Science in and on to the present day. Department of Soil Science was established at Faculty of Agriculture as the focus for soil related education and research activities at the University and offers theoretical and practical courses for both undergraduate B. The mission of the Department is to advance the understanding of earth 100 fuckbook dating site processes and the interaction among land, atmosphere, and water, and to Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord the challenge of developing environmentally sustainable agricultural systems to produce food.

Department of Agronomy was founded in as an independent department with the aim of training expert and efficient B. This department has research greenhouses and some educational and research equipped laboratories. Department of Horticultural Sciences was founded in with the aim of training expert and efficient B. This department has the educational and research facilities including plant tissue culture lab, physiology and plant hormone lab, the laboratory of medicinal, spicy and drink plants, research farm and the collection of research greenhouses.

The Department of Animal Sciences was founded with the aim of training expert and efficient students in Animal Affairs and has the animal nutrition lab, molecular genetics and the aviculture and animal husbandry farm. The Department of Water Engineering was founded in with the aim of training expert and efficient students in three fields of drainage and irrigation, hydraulic structures, and water resources.

It has the hydraulics and soil mechanics laboratories. Before establishment of the university and sincehigher education in natural resources had been already conducted by a department with the same name Natural Resources in Shahrekord. At that time the Department was offering associate degrees, endorsed by a higher education center and later Faculty of Agriculture. In and two years afterward the Department started enrolling students in rangeland-watershed management and forestry respectively.

Inthe Department of Natural Resources was dissolved into two departments of rangeland-watershed management and forest science following a strong start in student acceptance at BSc. Currently the Faculty employs 21 fulltime academic staff, teaching at BSc.

This department is among the oldest departments at the Shahrekord University. The department was inaugurated as the Department of Natural Resources in Enjoying a proper number of scientific staff, 5 associated and 4 assistant professorsthe department accept students at one BS, four MS and three Girls to fuck in Shar e Kord levels.

Department of Forest Science was separated from the Department of Natural Resources in and become independent. Accordingly, the Department aims not only to offer the different courses of forestry training to prepare the required work force, but also to encourage local and national scientific research in different areas of Forest Sciences.

There are six academic staffs two associate and four assistant professors engaging in research and teaching at the department. The main applied courses are held at three laboratory sites. Research Institute of Animal Embryo Technology is established in in Shahrekord University as a research institute for domestic animal reproduction under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

It was established with dual purposes of promoting research in avant-garde areas of domestic animal reproductive sciences and biotechnology as well as providing advanced training and educational programs for scientists and students as Ph.


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