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To be a paired alpha, Lance had recently discovered, was to worry. He had gotten much, much better at it lately. He had already gotten used to the idea of worrying with Fuck me tonight in Lance space war. Worrying about his own life and the lives Fuck me tonight in Lance the people he loved in the line of combat, worrying he wouldn't be able to protect them and it would be his own fault they'd gotten hurt, or you know, just generally being a massive failure as an alpha and as a man, whose one duty was supposed to be keeping his pack from harm.

Adding Keith into this equation, as it turned out, did not help ease the stress. Lance was used to taking care of people, had done it for his nieces and nephews all his life, and had done it here in space Fuck me tonight in Lance his new pack in any stupid little way he could think of that all probably went unnoticed anyway.

But Keith was a different kind of worry entirely, a nearly all-consuming one at this point. He could barely take care of himself and needed Lance to remind him that eating, sleeping, and bathing were all things he couldn't neglect, but was so independent that he still wouldn't allow Lance to directly help him without feeling weird about it. Lance had had to become a goddamned ninja, herding Keith to bed and showers and out of the training deck in general, Fuck me tonight in Lance it sound like it was Keith's own idea and not someone coming to tell him what to do, or, even worse, if Lance should bring up food for Keith himself.

And that was just the habits he'd had the entire time. Keith hadn't taken well to being thrown into his role as Black Paladin; the stress was visible and infectious, made Lance want to pull out all his own hair in his helplessness. Keith didn't like talking to new people, didn't like giving out orders, and wasn't used to having to think about the lives and safety and just plain positions of Fuck me tonight in Lance single member of their team at all times.

He'd been forced into being pack leader just because he was the only one who could fly Black, and the strain on him was… God damn it. Was so goddamn frustrating, because Lance was supposed to be taking care of him and keeping him safe and happy and comfortable and instead, Keith was more miserable than he'd ever been unless Lance was actively distracting him. Fuck me tonight in Lance on the plus side, the distractions DID go pretty well, and didn't have any problems holding his interest.

For all his sharp edges Keith was definitely still an omega, and once Lance could get him full of food or freshly clean or in bed, he always melted Fuck me tonight in Lance Lance's hands Fuck me tonight in Lance. It was hard work to get Keith to act all soft and vulnerable like that but it was so, so fucking worth it - if Lance had thought his smell had been maddening before they got together, finding out what a happy, satisfied, or sexy-mood Keith smelled Fuck me tonight in Lance was… Dios.

Lance got the shivers just thinking about it. He'd been happy all day today, for obvious reasons. All of them had been glowing in that happiness for hours, but at the same time it was hard not be a little unnerved by the circumstances.

Maybe Lance had just had too Bestdatingsite org time alone to think about it. When Keith eventually wandered back into Lance's room, it had been hours since the last time Slut in Komsomolets last seen each other and he smelled like he'd been sharing a bed with Shiro.

Honestly, this did not bother or confuse Lance in the slightest. ALL of them had hugged Shiro when they'd pulled him out of that ship, and at that point the man had been stewing in there unbathed for a full week, so practically the whole castle smelled like Shiro right then.

It was comforting if anything - if they couldn't all constantly smell it with their own noses, it might be easy to believe this morning had been a dream and they'd never found him at all. But more than the not-particularly unsettling smell of Fuck me tonight in Lance alpha on his boyfriend, Lance would also have been blind not to notice how absurdly, iridescently happy Keith was.

No complaints here, okay? Finding Shiro was the best thing that could have happened to the Xxx sex in Turnovo of them.

Seriously, there were no words to describe how much Lance had missed Shiro, and he wasn't even the one who'd been closest to him. But in the time in between finding Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in Cadiz and now, enough hours had passed that Lance had time to think past the good news of their friend's safety to look forward.

Into the future forward. Forward into a future where he was no longer entirely certain what his job was, or if he even still had one. Because at this point, Shiro was back. Shiro was back to be able to pilot Black again, which was great for Lance's poor overworked omega; Keith and Black were just not naturally compatible. Which naturally meant that Keith would be moving back to Red soon with their real leader safely returned to them, at Shiro's side as his right hand where they both belonged.

And Fuck me tonight in Lance for Lance? Well, Lance… was not currently able to even get into Blue, last he'd checked. Keith, though, was glowing so radiantly Lance would bite his own tongue off before saying anything that might bring his mood down.

No one had worked harder since Shiro's disappearance than he had, and to see him this relaxed for the first time since… well the end of his heat, honestly, was a godsend in and of itself. Said iridescently happy boyfriend was all but crawling into Lance's lap the moment he got into the room, pressing up against him to plant his face in Lance's neck and sigh, "I think I forgot what it felt like to actually be relaxed.

He smelled warm and content, sure, but he also still smelled a whole lot like his surrogate brother. Allura had to start everything from scratch and Hunk had had to learn to coordinate with a leg that had no idea what it was doing yet, and even Pidge had been thrown off more than once by Lance being in the right hand instead of Keith. Not to mention that not a single one of them knew what to do with Keith in the head, and their entire unit had been dragged down because of it.

Not that anyone could say something stupid like 'This is Keith's fault we're failing so badly,' they would have had to have this period of adjustment no matter who'd ended up in Black. Which of course, brought back to mind the question of what the NEW new Voltron would be made up of, and… yeah Lance was still trying not to think about that. Their friend was alive, yay! Keith had already herded Lance from the door to sit on the bed, where he really did crawl into his lap now.

Like the entire weight of the world is off your shoulders there, Atlas? Instead of speaking, Lance just returned the gesture, because from here Keith's neck was convenient and inviting and he really did smell so… light right now.

It smelled good on him. Lance held as much of the weight as he could for him, tried to be the right hand and alpha Keith needed, but he'd still never managed to get him this loose and unburdened by himself.

But he'd also never raised the dead before, so, yeah, there were some things even the universe's best boyfriend couldn't do. Unless you're dating Jesus. Keith gave a pleased little hum, one hand wandering up the front of Lance's shirt to dance his fingers above the hem of his jeans.

And that was when so conveniently smelling Keith as he was, Lance noticed his boyfriend's sweet ginger-cookie scent slowly shifting, warming up from his happy-relaxed smell into something more… Well, from the way his hand had wandered to toy with Lance's pants button, his intentions were pretty easy to read.

Keith squirmed to slide one knee in between Lance's thighs and up against his crotch. You know, Lance didn't usually equate 'quality time with long-lost brother' with 'now is the time to get laid? Lance could feel Keith's husky voice vibrating from where their chests were pressed together. Daaaaayum, he really WAS in a good mood.

I thought you only wanted to do that when you're like, way into it in your heats. Will you even be alright sitting tomorrow if we do that? Keith was all kinds of undeterred, hand no longer just toying Fuck me tonight in Lance Lance's fly to directly unbutton it.

Wanna be tied to you. Lance felt his eyes widen and his heartbeat speed up, the hands he hadn't noticed already holding Keith's hips tightening their grip. Keith wanted to be… tied to him? Somehow it was a strange cold-sad feeling that shook Lance this time, because all he could suddenly think was - do you really want to be tied to someone as useless and disposable as me? Lance was… Lance probably didn't even belong here at all, much less with Keithwho was… God.

Out of Lance's league on every level and in every capacity? He watched as Fuck me tonight in Lance face fell, eyebrows drawing together in a furrow as he commented, "You sure don't smell as enthusiastic about this as I'd hoped. Lance didn't wanna be a buzzkill when Keith never got the chance to be this happy. Keith just huffed in annoyance and planted his hands on Lance's thighs to glare at him, snapping, "I can tell something is wrong, so would you just talk to me about it already so we can clear it up and you can get to fucking Fuck me tonight in Lance Lance laughed, because he adored Keith and couldn't help it.

He was even blunt and tactless when he was being helpful. The touch of his hands on Keith's hips had let up to hold him gently now, and Lance rubbed up and down the sides of Keith's waist with his thumbs. The warmth of Keith's words was already enough to ease a little bit of Lance's internal struggle. And since it's not like the problem wasn't gonna come up if he DIDN'T say anything Lance hesitantly started, "Well, you know, I just had time to do a little bit of math there, as it were, and uh… You know we seem to have one more paladin than we have Lions right now, with Shiro back.

Keith frowned and cocked his head to the side, apparently not having put the dots together himself. Resisting the urge to sigh, Lance pressed on, "And you know, with Allura being so amazing, and at this point we don't even know if Fuck me tonight in Lance would let me back IN anymore, you know?

And of course you're gonna move back to Red to be Shiro's right hand again now that he's back to being… I don't know, it's actually almost weird now that he's the leader when we just got used to your style but that probably won't matter to ME since I kind of don't have a Lion to fly in and it's just… all a lot to think about!

Keith blinked at Lance, mouth open a few startled centimeters. Take turns flying missions, or, you know if we BOTH went she's got enough room in her cockpit and we'd have a spare paladin for backup. R-really, having more paladins is good! If one of the two of us does something stupid and gets hurt the other can just… step in to take his place.

It was a nice idea, but… "I think the safest and easiest thing is just… for me to step Doctors dating patients massachusetts of the way and hang back with Coran.

Even if we go through the rigamarole of me and Shiro re-learning each other in battle, that means when you're NOT there our formation become alphas on the entire right side plus the head, which sounds like every kind of unbalanced there's ever been. Keith cringed, obviously imagining the same tension as Lance and agreeing with him.

But he didn't let it stay on his face long, cupping both hands arounds Lance's face and directing him the most reassuring smile he could muster. You belong out there fighting with the rest of us, Fuck me tonight in Lance I know that even if we can't think of it now, something will work itself out.

Good lord, had his boyfriend just told him not to worry by underhandedly insulting his math skills? Keith was such a freak. Lance loved him so damned much. Sensing that Lance was only mildly comforted, Keith bit his bottom lip for a moment. I don't know if you noticed, but everything I do always works out better if Fuck me tonight in Lance around to tell me how Fuck me tonight in Lance my first idea was.

A now-familiar protective urge swelled up in Lance, dwarfing his own self-centered insecurities with the need to be and do whatever his omega needed of him. As twisted as it was to say, Keith's vulnerabilities gave Lance a purpose. The drive Fuck me tonight in Lance give his lover the very moon from the sky, to give him all of the warmth and love he had unfairly missed growing up so alone.

Maybe… things really would work themselves out. And it's not like he intended to leave Keith alone and go back to Earth even if they didn't.

Keith's smile was soft and loving and real this time, and when he List of free adult web cam sites Lance the second time he responded to kiss him back, short and sweet.


Just then, Lance got out of his bed and motioned me to do the same so I did. He reached for two soda cans on “Hey, ya mind keeping it the fuck down in there?. “Let me see lower,” Lance said, his tone leaning more towards demand than request. “I don't know you “Now fuck me,” he said, glancing back over his shoulder, eyes half-lidded with lust. “Unnnnh.. “What are you doing tonight?” Lance. that hangs on every fucking thing you say and carry it with them as though God himself came He answered sarcastically looking at Lance. “I pushed the envelope tonight to see if anyone else wanted to see how far they could get with me.