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The trip will take him through the drab motorway landscape of central Europe - down Germany's autobahns, through Holland and the town of Eindhoven, and into Britain via Calais and the Channel tunnel. There will be lots of free coffee, and Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw of Polish comedies and Mr Bean - not a bad introduction to life in Britain, perhaps, for Poles not fluent in English. Wardas's mum, Teresa, has come to wave him off.

The only place we could go was the Soviet Union. But this is a different generation. What makes this scene in Wroclaw, in south-west Polandunusual is the epic scale of the exodus. On quiet days six buses leave for "Anglia", the Polish word for England; when it's busy, Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw is The buses are all full; you have to book.

With Ryanair flying twice a day between Wroclaw and Christian mobile dating sites as well, a quick back-of-an-envelope calculation reveals that around 1, Wroclavians a day are heading to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent and other UK destinations.

Nobody knows how many Poles go back home. But given that the Ryanair fare from Wroclaw to London often costs three times as much as flying in the other direction, it is clear that most of the traffic is heading one way. Wardas is part of the Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw wave of emigration into Britain for three centuries. Official statistics suggest thatPoles have registered to live and work in Britain since Poland joined the EU in May Other estimates suggest the real figure is betweenand , while last week the respected Polish news magazine Polityka estimated that one million Poles have moved to the UK.

This benign invasion of eager and biddable young Poles has, it is generally agreed, been marvellous for the British economy and anyone who had previously struggled to find a cheap plumber. But what has the impact been on Poland, where Some two years on, there is a growing realisation that the "brain drain" now gripping eastern Europe's biggest country is nothing less Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw a national disaster. My hairdresser has gone.

The gardener who used to do my garden now works in Great Britain for a landscape architect. A friend of mine took him. My local garage has shut down. Everyone has moved to Britain or to Ireland. In Wroclaw, Poland's fourth largest city withinhabitants, officials are seriously worried. With its Gothic churches, baroque university and languid willow-lined canals, this historic town on the banks of the Odra river could hardly be more enticing.

Germany is a few hours' drive away, the Czech Republic and Sudety mountains are nearby. Formerly ruled by the Austrians, Bohemians and the Germans - who left in - it is probably Poland's most European city.

At night tipsy students stagger arm in arm down the restored medieval streets; swallows circle the cathedral's twin towers; you can even see the odd nun sending an SMS.

But the problem, as the city's ambitious mayor, Rafal Dutkiewicz, explains, is that much of Wroclaw's educated workforce has gone. I believe people should be allowed to make their own decisions.

At the same time it's my job to try and create an alternative so that not everybody goes off to Britain. The mayor is trying to persuade some of the thousands of Poles who have decamped to Britain to come back.

The city has launched an advertising campaign in Polish papers in Britain under the slogan: It is even sponsoring Polish cultural events - not folk choirs in national costume, but gigs at the 2,capacity London Astoria and other major venues. We wanted to get across the message that Wroclaw was cool," says Pawel Romaszkan from Wroclaw's tourism office, who will be touring Britain in September and October, with the message: Unfortunately, most Poles now in London consider the idea of going back to their homeland a non-starter.

But it's not just about the money. Ask almost any young Pole in Britain why they are here, and chances are they will say they fancied an adventure. Unlike previous generations, whose only chance to experience the west was on Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw, this lot - just like their contemporaries the world over - are keen to travel. If Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw is unable to tempt people back, there is little hope that the more depressed towns in the region - with their communist-era tower blocks and ageing population - can do any better.

Instead, the dire consequences for Poland are becoming increasingly clear. There are labour shortages in several sectors of the Polish economy - in services, trade, the building industry and science. The most acute problem of all, however, is in medicine.

Some 5, doctors have left Poland over the past two years. One hospital in the region recently suspended operations because all 10 anaesthetists walked out in protest at low pay. Poland's underfunded health service is also running out of nurses. There are too few anaesthetists," says Jerzy Wyszumirski, vice-president of Poland's anaesthetists' association. Doctors are over-tired, frustrated and in a hurry. We are now working 70 hours a week.

In this situation there are bound to be mistakes. But to give you a hypothetical example, in an emergency Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw may now be able to treat only one patient instead of three.

Last year Wyszumirski wrote to Poland's health ministry, pointing out that "embarrassingly low wages" meant that all the best doctors were leaving the country. Last month the ministry wrote back. It said it was "monitoring" the situation Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw promised higher pay and more anaesthetists. Poland's eccentric rightwing coalition government - headed by president Lech Kaczynski and his prime minister twin brother Jaroslaw - appears not to have got to grips with the problem.

But even if Poland does manage to train more doctors, it seems inevitable that many of them will end up in Bristol or Glasgow. For the moment, then, Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw lure of higher wages in the UK is irresistible, not just for middle-class professionals but also for anyone with ambition, Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw to take a low-skilled job and improve their English.

According to figures from the Home Office, at least two-thirds of Polish immigrants in Britain Webcam xxx in South Sudan society's lowest paid work.

But I'm going to stay with a friend. He's promised to find me a job. Those left behind Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw the exodus to Britain as irritating as it is understandable. The Polish taxpayer paid for their education in the first place. She set off for Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw a year ago, and is now working as a waitress. Zubik admits Smakulska has been hard to replace.

She points out that at crucial moments in Poland's history much of the country's population has cleared off. It happened when Russia, Austria and Prussia partitioned Poland Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw the 19th century, effacing it from the map; there was another wave of mass emigration in the early 20th century; then the catastrophe of the second world war, and communist rule.

But we keep on falling into a hole. Our skilled people are always leaving," she says. What would her message be to Smakulska and other young Poles in Britain? Take the best examples and best practices from abroad. And then come back. The wave of migration to Britain since has brought some benefits.

Economists calculate Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw money accounted for 1. The country's chronic unemployment rate is also shrinking: For the first time Polish politicians have started discussing how to fill labour shortages in Poland itself, with calls for restrictions to be lifted so that Ukrainians and Belarussians can come and work. As Poles leave for Britain, workers from even lower-wage countries move to Poland - a sort of globalisation merry-go-round.

And if the experience of previous migrations is anything to go by, many of the Poles in Britain will come back. Demographers identify two kinds of migrant - the "hamsters" who curl up and stay in their adopted country, and the "storks" who go abroad seasonally but eventually fly home. When they do, we want to present Wroclaw as a really nice city for them to live in. Back at Wroclaw bus station, the latest coach to Anglia is pulling in.

The coach's driver, Gienek, says he likes Britain but would never consider actually living there. But at the end of the day it's nothing special".

Pawel Glijerski In Poland: Everything was organised before he stepped on the plane. Excellent rates of pay! Glijerski called and, thanks to his language skills and forklift truck licence, soon had a job. A speculator with an excellent economics degree, Glijerski is planning for the future, and much of his wages are put aside to pay for two flats he bought off-plan in Wroclaw Women looking for men in Cap-Haitien year.

He enjoys the job, and says he Slut in Arba Minch understand why some of his colleagues speak badly of the Polish invasion.

And because I have a masters in economics I was able to explain it to him. Despite being just one grade below consultant level, she had to take private work in the evenings to supplement her income, and lived with her mother in a semi-detached house in the city. It was not unusual for her to work 24 hours or more at a stretch - which, as she says with droll understatement, "isn't good for anyone, especially anaesthetists".

Last year, fed up with working round the clock and frustrated at the lack of training opportunities offered to doctors in Poland, she followed a colleague to Britain. Her first post was at a hospital in Swindon, and since April she has been working at the Charing Cross Hospital in London. She rents a two-bedroom flat in a desirable part of west London and is actively encouraged to take time to get her medical knowledge up to date.

A year ago there were eight anaesthetists, which wasn't nearly enough. Now, with Walecka and her colleague gone, there are six, Coventry married women looking in Wroclaw no hope of replacing the deserters. Dr Jerzy Wyszumirski, vice-president of Poland's anaesthetists' association, and a former colleague of Walecka, is clearly worried: There are not enough of us left. Operations are being cancelled or postponed.

The waiting lists are getting longer.


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